Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Christo's Salon, Natural Expo East, Baltimore MD.


words/ salon image Judith Ecochard

September brings the invited fashionistas to NYC---and the healthy minded to the Natural Expo (East coast version) in Baltimore's rather nice convention center.

At the aforementioned,  we focused on the skincare and makeup. AND haircare.

RAY @ Christo's Salon ---hair stylist par excellence-had our hair rebirthed as silky smooth as ever

We met up with CHRISTO at the Farah Angsana  fashion show...and jumped for joy at his invite to experience a marine based, deep moisturizing Anti-Frizz Sea Treatment in his calm oasis of a salon, right on bustling Fifth Avenue/48th street.

What it is---and every model we met that week should make an appointment to restore those overworked tresses ---is an aromatically pleasing (Orange Oil extract-that does double duty as a renovater),  customized hair masque-packed with soothing moisturizers, that's renovating/ reparative  for dryed out, frizzed out hair...and scalp---that is applied via a simply transporting head massage---(left us in a trance---and is worth the price of admission, so-to-speak). All while reclining in a plush comfy cushioned chair.

Nutrients like Sea Kelp/Algae and Burdock Extract- that promotes healthy hair growth and healthy scalp, and moisturizes and protects the hair shaft, and Hydrolyzed Wheat Proteins and Amino Acids that strengthens hair to prevent breakage and spilt ends...in a exotically scented thick paste...applied from roots to ends-gets absorbed---after a 10-15 minute spell under a heat lamp, fueled by tea (or wine-your choice)...and stacks of magazines to peruse...  a true relief from smartphone screens.  

Followed by...a thorough shampoo washing---and again, more scalp massaging (love)...and styling-for us,  blow-out---that had our hair looking gorgeous...and healthy. We  could easily make this a weekly venture---even though the conditioning effects last longer.

The revolutionary Anti-­‐Frizz Sea Treatment is a non-­‐chemical treatment that does not permanently change the texture of the hair. 

The products used---are in salon---but the Deep Conditioning Masque---is available for at home use. We got ourselves a sample of the later---and used it up-2x a week ---to counteract the damaging, drying effects that swimming in a chlorine pool can serve up. FYI: at home--- use on a weekly basis, applying from the hair shaft to the ends and let it all stew a bit--- for results so silky soft-it's addictive. 

INFO: Christo’s Anti-­‐Frizz Sea Treatment -products and in-salon treatment at
Christo Fifth Avenue Salon 574 5th Ave, 5th Fl. 

Another staple to our hair regimen---and one we were thrilled to demo- as it comes courtesy of one of our fav brands for sunscreen and lip balms...the new 100 USDA Certified Organic Hair Oils by WS Badger.

This family 0owned, New Hampshire based company doesn't exactly introduce many new products to the market---as "we have a reputation to uphold," as one marketing employee noted- at the Natural Expo East tradeshow---where we got to see a slew of certified USDA personal body care products including the healing muscle balms, lip balms, moisturizing hand balms (all super easy to transport too), and the terrific sunscreens...that really work, naturally. Nice packaging too.

But better---we think the 2oz glass bottle ($18), Argan Hair Oil for Dry and Damaged  Leave-In Conditioner = magnificent.

How to use...take a few drops-to one pump - apply evenly to damp, clean hair-from roots to ends-or use two drops on ends alone...or take 2 drops on palms- and rub over hair to tame flyways and add shine.

A big plus, of course is  that Badger's latest hair care goody is USDA Organic...a certification that means something. And all Badger products are cruelty free...never tested on animals.

Given all the positive buzz that Argan oil has gotten late...including being naturally blessed with Omega 6 fatty acids and vitamin E---Badger's take on this haircare Holy Grail healing oil- is a careful blend of Organic Argan and Baobab, Jojoba and Sunflower oils...with aromatic Organic essential oils  including sicilian orange, bergamot, sandalwood, and Ylang Ylang-all key ingredients in  some of our fav scents. Very Impressive.

We figure that with regular daily use---the Argan Hair Oil should last about six weeks to two months...and we like the way it moisturizes on our hands too so we don't have to wash it off.

W.S BADGER products are widely available---and online.