Monday, October 22, 2012

InGenuity™-INFANT GEAR with Style

 Home Studios, 873 Broadway NYC

words/images Judith Ecochard

It's rare that we get an invite to preview anything remotely related to baby anything-but we know style when we see it. And "Infant Gear" can be construed as performance gear, as far as we are concerned.

SO...Guest host/new mom, Tia Mowry---with a new pixie cut 'do and wearing  a pretty purple frock made by the Kathy Hilton collection (Paris' mom, seriously)...accessorized by the former tv sitcom star of Sister, Sister's own Christian Louboutins...intro'ed the affordable and innovative baby furniture items by KIDS II® owned InGenuity™- to enthusiastic bunch of mostly media women.

Specifically celebrated---the pictured below Washable Playard™ available in Sumner, Shiloh or the Disney Baby Lion King® themes. (MSRP $159.99-$179.99)  

Essentially, each piece---is designed with proprietary technologies (patented too) an Automatic Bouncer ™ that bounces on its own, the aforementioned portable but thoroughly stable machine WASHABLE Playard™  that has fabric zip-offs for cleaning and a multi-sound, Soothing Sounds Station™ that'll lull parent's to sleep (maybe) with 8 different melodies/nature sounds--- , and a sway seat-aka the  the Smart & Quiet Portable Swing™,, and a Cozy Coo Sway Seat™. that senses a kid's weight and adjusts its swing, accordingly...via Truespeed™ Technology...
And no worries about waking up the pets----the swing is quiet-with WhisperQuiet™ and energy efficient with Hybridrive™

 The Chair Top and the Perfect Place high chairs, a Just Right Height™ changing table, which pivots out of the way, and a bassinet with a  One Less Step™ feature, allowing it  to quickly fold with the playard for easy portability.

ALL available in a solid color palette of 40 colors---plus patterns too. A feature that got the nods from the many moms we know.


Bonus: The Home Studios has a pro kitchen--- we loved the tidbits sent out to munch on.