Sunday, July 15, 2012

SOFTSHEEN- CARSON® New Haircare Products

Introducing Dark & Lovely® 6 WEEK Anti-Reversion Cream Serum, Chocolate Bliss Haircolor Collection and Total Restore Treatment

Studio Arte-West 37th Street

words/images Judith Ecochard

Drip dry types (us for example)...just don't intuitively get the amount of time and effort that some women put into getting their hair just-so... and so any product that helps in that endeavor---is major news.

Softsheen-Carson®-the numero uno Afro-American haircare brand (it's No-Lye Relaxer and Permanent Haircolor for ethnic hair =MAJOR, already)...doesn't introduce new products very often...but when the company (owned by L'Oréal USA, fyi) is a big deal.

A media event intro'ed the new 6 Week Anti-Revesion Cream Serum...a non-chemical, amino-complex packed treatment that lovingly coats hair strands---thereby giving gals with relaxed hair---that silky, shiny smoothness that's so wanted...back if they just had their locks DONE. How: the exclusive "Humidity Block Technology."

BRIA MURPHY=Brand Ambassador (and Nicole and Eddie Murphy's daughter)
Simple to use, the 6 Week Anti-Revesion Cream Serum cuts out the frizz, moisturizes dried out hair...and is overall a healthy boost for all curly/coarse hair holders with new growth that hasn't been relaxed yet...and 'old' treated hair that needs a refresher course in how to look fabulous.

Wearing Hervé Leger--- BRAND AMBASSADOR-Bria Murphy

A Big's not a chemical---so those with any kind of relaxer/straightened processed tresses (meaning the popular Brazilian Keratin Treatment)---and all kinds of hair textures, AND colored hair--can also benefit from its ability to be "a raincoat for the hair.".

For the best results-apply throughout hair (abut a quarter size-plus- pumped amount on freshly shampoo-ed/conditioned hair), then blow dry, then flat iron straight/style-or use as a setting lotion with rollers--- (okay, we shortened it up a tiny bit)...but those that are folic phobic-meaning can't wield any hair care tools around with ease (hence that's why we pay people to do that)...can still benefit from the new it locks in shine too.

Mezei Jefferson-Softsheen-CarsonSenior Manager of Education
It lasts up to six weeks-meaning...until its washed out. So one can just use again and again after said shower. MSRP $8.99

treated with 6 week anti-reversion cream

styled without---not was smooth or glossy

celebrity hairstylist Keith Campbell

Also introduced to us---was three new shades from the Fade Resistant Rich Coniditoning Chocolate Bliss permanent hair color collection- Honey Rush, Cocoa Crush, and Coffee Kiss--to go along with the already 14 different shades of brown Softsheen-Carson already sells (wow). The hair color---adds neutral or warm undertones...not brassy orange...and offers 100% grey coverage. (Tip: do not use permeant color for two weeks after relaxing-as both processes swell the his cuticle-and it's "too much" and can lead to breakage).

models had one side treated, one side not---

Lastly, we lucked out with the new Total Restore Conditioning Treament Packet---that's now sold separately from treatment kits. It's moisturizing vitamin e, honey (moisture and conditioning)  and panthenol (to strengthen hair) and coconut oils...are great for dried out locks---we applied on our dry hair, put on one of those plastic shower caps we scored from some hotel...then "stewed" for about five minutes before washing out. Violà-our long tresses felt super soft...not chlorine stressed. MSRP $1.59

The product can also be used as a "COPOO"= shampoo/conditioner---as it removes oil and "debris" from the scalp.

love the pumped up kicks-Nike