Friday, July 6, 2012

FOR ENDURANCE SPORTS+ RECOVERY...Native Eyeglasses, Footbalance Insoles

The triathlon racing season---brings a slew of items to try out--- .

What's helping us in 2012---is the excellent protection of our a way that doesn't feel heavier, frame wise, and actually manages to stay put ---not a given, given our narrow nose bridge.


NATIVE's DASH SS is an ultra lightweight sunglasses for active types-made with highly scratch resistant,  Polarized Crystal Carbonate® lenses for glare-free viewing and clear vision in all kinds of sunlight situations-including when there is none- on overcast days.

Shaped for smallish faces-the DASH SS we now use daily, fit us perfectly.

PLUSES: the nosepiece is customizable but doesn't pinch at all...and the top of the frame fit us right below our eyebrows -which is ideal, as we wear our athletic baseball type cap waayyy down low-to better shield us from the sun = no bumping. However, we wouldn't wear these as a fashion pair of sunglasses for that exact same reason--for everyday street wear shades- the preference is for sunglasses that are bigger and  cover eyebrows...

We have a pretty steady gait...not bouncy, but even when jumping up and down, the DASH sunglasses stayed put...not slippy slide-y-via the Cushional™ nosepads.

On long runs-we basically forget we are wearing any sunglasses...that's ideal---as Native has what's called the Mastoid Temple Grip™---which does just that without being annoying.

The lenses have never EVER fogged up -even in the humid hot climate when we are seriously sweating on a run ---and the frames (Rhyno-Tuff™) fit just so as to allow for some air flow between our eyes and the lenses ...meaning we don't get clammy from wearing them.

Color wise, we use the polarized Blue Reflex lens ...but our pair also came with a pair of  Copper Reflex interchangeable lens---which are easy enough to snap in...and would work on the low light, winter days on the slopes...and late at dusk bike rides...

Packed in a zipped, semi-hard case with a soft cleaning pouch...the DASH we got retails for $129...and comes with a lifetime warranty---(after the first year, a warranty fee for repairs may apply---according to the company website, fyi).

Widely available...


FOOTBALANCE customizable insoles are a reasonably accessible ($79.99) alternative to pricey orthotics...that we were able to try out at the most recent SIA tradeshow.

The process was pretty quick from start to finish (under 10 minutes-seven steps) with our stance/arches/ankles analyzed via the Footbalance system-as we stepped on a cushy blue molding pillow/pad thing underneath a warm, non-molded Footbalance specific type of insole-(Dynamic Pink in our case)---that we stepped on foot at a different toes up...with the help of the representative...who shaped the insole to our feet...

We didn't use them for the winter season snowboarding-there just wasn't much snow...but put our pair into our everyday leather boots that we wear constantly.

Supportive, the insoles helped keep us feet tired free, feet and calf wise, on our feet, all day...up and down subways steps, straphanging,  and  pounding sidewalk pavements-a typical busy media day in Manhattan where (crowded) public transport rules...and we walk at 10 miles, to and fro' instead of waiting for those crosstown buses that crawl.

A plus is that the insoles fit into many different types of shoes we end up wearing around they are trimmed to our feet.

Currently, Footbalance is available worldwide...