Wednesday, July 11, 2012

BEYONDCLEAR™ with Clariform Technology™ Skin Care System

Media Preview of the new PROTECT BROAD SPECTRUM SPF 29

West 29th Street, NYC

A PR tease for a Quickie...meaning an under 7 minute skin rejuvenation treatment administered by the smart and authentic Dr. Julie K. Karen, M.D. of the renown Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York®---sure, heck, why not.

What it is--- is also really smart...and authentic...IMHO.

BeyondClear™ is a series of 3 easy steps, 2x a day skin product collection:

1-a PURE Purifying Cleanser (use a nickel size)--gentle and gets rid of the gunk. 

2-a CLEAR Clarifying Treatment-with with Clariform Technology™---that's the all-star here. Use a quarter size bit of this practically unscented (yes!) foam...that you spread over your face (or back) -AND leave on. What's amazing is the amount of effective levels of Benzoyl Peroxide (4.5%)-that's not irritating---because of this unique delivery system...also packaged well so to maintain the product's purity...

3-Lastly, apply a dime size of the HEALTHY Skin Accelerator--a truly light, rapidly absorbed lotion packed with proven anti-agers/acne fighters like Retinol and Niacinamide---synergistically combined so as to maintain effectiveness of the ingredients--- and possessing the ability to truly sink in and do something meaningful...all without drying up the skin. 

What the "quickie" part is---the BOOST 5 Day Quick Start Treatment Accelerator--that gets rinsed off after a certain amount of time that gradually increases...over, five days, as titled.

Demoing the 3 plus one BEYONDCLEAR™ treatment-Dr. Karen used the Boost prior to the Healthy step 3--on us, as we chatted away...about a bunch of things skin related, including the needs of more non teen, "mature" skin (we put that at 25+ years old) ---that still  breaks out-even if only seasonally,  in hot weather....yet, isn't oily enough for those skin stripping products (our term)...

And how easy it is to simplify one's skin regimens-with a vitamin and antioxidant packed lotion/foam-that really feels like nothing on the skin. And gets the job done-often in two weeks -with patients seeing real results.

FYI: It (the Booster) stung a big deal though. Like any peel-like at home, over the counter product we've tried.

Before and After pictures---from the BeyondClear™ website:

ADDED PLUS: We have a hard time with sunscreens for the face--that usually just sits there--- clogging up pores ---and just feeling yech.

Most jazzed about--- for us---as we use tons of it- the new PROTECT Broad Spectrum SPF 29 sunscreen...that is practically scentless (yes-again!),  and is also packed with antioxidants and nutrients-a trend in sunscreens, we've noticed...but always wondered if the ingredients were in meaningful enough amounts to matter.

On that note, we chatted a bit with the company's Big Chief, Jeff Nugent, an accomplished vet of over 20 years in the consumer/healthcare field, including serving as President and CEO of Neutrogena and former President and CEO of Revlon. Mr. Nugent also spent over 20 years in senior leadership roles within Johnson and Johnson in R&D, Marketing and General Management.

As we surmised, a lot of thought went into what' skin condition (adult acne) is not being served well, and why...with the latest know-how technology/ingredients, backed by sound scientific research, and how delivery systems can sabotage the effectiveness of any concoction. 

A lot of thought also went into the packaging---which we liked, it's clean, a 'pure' delivery system that resists contamination of what's inside, doesn't clog up, is male friendly--- and shelf friendly looking too.  

We used the sunscreen today---our makeup went on over it easy---and stayed true to color weird chemical mix-up. And it worked. 

At $29.95 for the 3 step products and with a bonus two products...(a sixty day supply)...BeyondClear™'s prices are just barely above that of chain-drugstore prices--yet the quality if  clearly superior. 

As written before, we feel these small, barely marketed skin/hair care companies, privately owned-AND not devoured up by some consumer giant---typically have the most cutting edge products out there.