Sunday, June 10, 2012

Thomas John-Intuitive-Pychic-Medium Clairvoyant


When we received a press invite to meet the psychic medium/clairvoyant/life coach/published author Thomas John---we put it on the back shelf of our bucket "to-do" list

Not that we were't open to ---whatever---and thought, "...gee what a great way to find out what the parents are up to..." (we had read this book, "Do Dead People Watch You Shower?" by Concetta Bertholdi...and the answer is yes, btw)...

But when we met up with another blogger who had attended an event at the Meta Center (..." a spiritual center-a destination")---and gave Thomas John- the metaphoric two thumbs up---waaaayyy up about his  gifts---concluding with a ..."...oh, you really need to meet him..."

---We arranged for just that.


According to his website, Thomas John knew from a very early age that he was able to connect with those that had past...though for most of his adult life - he has pursued other pursuits, impressive ones at that--- including a B.A. from Univ. of Chicago and research and internship positions at Mass. General Hospital and Yale University---

Our meeting took place at the Meta House...a light filled space located in a mid-rise office building ...on  the cusp of the Garment Center. (FYI if you go, shoes off at the entrance).

Well, we knew he was kinda psychic right away as he offered to get us a pen that worked...ha ha.

WHAT we learned...

---.Thomas John receives "information" 24/7.

We were curious how he receives this information- a connection that with his "clairscentient" (sp?) abilities-"different ones try to create different ways to describes themselves."

"Animals do come through," he told us...although sometimes one cannot tell if it's an animal (as in a beloved departed pet...which was true in our reading that followed, though not obvious to us,  at first).

Interesting, "there is no suffering on the Other Side...(it's) a mental state of total free will...(and) like a positive dream can sometimes guide you." And dreams on this side can be psychic too-if one can remember them.

AND-"...messages are usually positive...the 'stuff' that comes through is healing, "---in general---and we gather many who seek Thomas John for his Medium abilities---are looking for a sense of closure.

As far as reincarnation goes---Thomas John believes part of the soul comes back---but "not everyone does that"----and the soul returns, separated by many years.

Also-there are different levels of spirits to talk to-at life's crux-including guardian angels (our expression)---that are not passed, meaning not someone that was in this life...and one can have more than one spirit guiding them.

As far as his clientele ---many come to Thomas John with specific questions ---and others "want to know what comes through."

Curious, we wondered how he could separate those clients who really need psychiatric help ---from---well, those who don't...

And John noted that one should only come to a reading "a couple times a year..." and that if a client is seeking a day to day guidance "it's another form of a crutch."

Aka--- NOT GOOD.

As far as advice goes, (John is a Life Coach too)---sometimes there are several choices-"pros and cons" ---and sometimes there is only one option, that presents itself.

Importantly, "a reading can only do so always has free will." And yes, negative "feelings" do convey through and John does convey that information...and the example he cited us was a client's imminent job loss.

Thomas John does offer telephone conversations...and Skype sessions---and John told us "they are a different type of connection but as accurate..." as a personal meeting.

FYI, in person readings last about 10-20 minutes.

For our reading, John used a set of oversized Oracle Cards-that we shuffled (at will)...

The cards (which are "always given")---are not read like tarot cards---John uses them to pick up our energy, in a matter of he spreads them around in a semi-circle on a table between us.

For us, our reading had so many specifics---names, life events past---all within the first few minutes...we were taken aback...

Open to whatever came through-for us, what came through was past, present and future 'stuff.'

And then we totally got "...oh, you really need to meet him..."as we pretty much said the same thing to like--- every BFF we have.