Sunday, June 3, 2012


hanging the SIA trade show


words/images Judith Ecochard

There are several outdoor focused brands that specialize in garments/accessories made from merino wool---because of the technical benefits and sustainable angle of that yarn...

Charlotte Crew Neck Dress 100% Ultra-Fine Merino Wool

But as far as the sheer glam potential of functional merino wool sweaters and base layers, often made of blends with other performance materials or silk...

SHARDS-1/4 Zip-Nicole Miller/Neve

NEVE--- a Colorado based company---offers up the most wearable/fashionable knits we saw at the SIA show---and in NYC---with that fab collaboration with Nicole Miller.

men's too-Parker-near right 1/4 Zip sweater 100% Ultra-Fine Merino, Landen-2nd left-1/4 zip sweater Performance Sport Blend

WITH super soft and cozy/comfy hand feel, the durable Merino Wool yarns are specially sourced from Australia and New Zealand---and are exactingly knitted, and sometimes blended- with other materials (Spandex, long-staple cotton, lambs wool, silk, polyester)-in terrific patterns and colors.


SPORT-Hailey (l) Julia (r) 1/4 zip sweater-100% Ultra-Fine Merino 

Neve's designs are versatile additions to anyone's wardrobe-whether that includes alpine or urban wonder Oprah's O Magazine anointed a Neve sweater as one of their favorite "things"...

Lindsey-1/4 Zip sweater-performance sport blend-with high performance textured polyester yarns

...and for 2012/2013 the Sport, Après Nordic, Roam, and Prima Belle  collections for women---that includes satchels and totes that matchy match up... 

Lila-1/4 zip + Orly -full zip--100% ultra-fine merino wool

Zoe-back- 1/4 Zip 100% ultra-fine merino wool

Zoe-in black, 
Zoe-in red

Allegra-1/4 zip sweater -performance sport blend

full zip 100% ultra fine merino

Après Nordic-contemporary designs inspired by traditional patterns ...

Karin -full zip sweater 100% ultra-fine merino

Ava- 1/4 zip sweater 100% ultra-fine merino

crew neck dress 100% ultra-fine merino

Ella open neck dress 100% ultra-fine merino

Prima Belle are layering pieces that can be worn on their own---

Ultra-Fine Merino Wool/Silk Blend---fun nostalgic prints on 1/4 zip sweaters- Gondola (l) and Chamonix (r)

Lucy-Stretch French Terry -back view on a full zip jacket

Traverse top and pant-polyester spandex blend

no chafing-flat seams
Spindrift Top-1/4 zip super-fine merino blend

Cirque Pant-super fine merino blend-works as base layers-or leggings under long top

even if you don't ski---wear  these pretty tops and look the part...
Cortina 1/4 zip top ultra-fine Merino wool/silk blend

Courchevel-1/4 zip top ultra-fine merino wool/silk blend

Ski Racer-1/4 zip top ultra-fine merino wool/silk blend

Gondola-1/4 zip top ultra-fine merino wool/silk blend

Grace Hat-acrylic ---

Carry it all around in style-with haulers that can hold a lot.

MIA-weekender bag and tote-sturdy with leather trim

Chamonix Totes

Chamonix Tote

INFO- E-Commerce- Store Locator:

Hildi Bag-in 3 other colors too-Merino wool with leather straps