Thursday, June 7, 2012

INTELLIGENT NUTRIENTS Certified Organic Health and Beauty

"You're Beautiful, Healthy and Alive. Let's Keep It That Way"

One Fifth Avenue, NYC

words/images Judith Ecochard

A beautiful Art Deco landmark's penthouse apartment- as a nesting ground---is enough to make most NYCers swoon---but couple this with a vibrant Minneapolis 600 acre organic farm, retreat/spa...all around sanctuary/haven for rejuvenation---and violà, a recipe for joy and contentment.

And that's what we immediately felt, without a trace of native irony- when we (re)met, Horst M. Rechelbacher-founder of this lifestyle brand -and really--- an educator, who opened his Manhattan abode to a gaggle full of media types---and re-iterated what we all should know...

MEANING: why pesticide free, USDA certified organic (a very high standard that is costly and time consuming to earn), food grade ingredients in skin/hair products- are the way to go (the body absorbs so much-it should be good enough to eat)---

AND---why certain products that are chemically conjured up at an alarming rate, ---are sooooo "NOT INTELLIGENT."
For this outing, we were drawn to the presentation of an array of essential oils---"uncommon scents" that are truly multi-tasking complex scents in various forms-elixirs, spirit sprays, and pure absolute.

FYI-"uncommon" maybe because we are all so used to smelling artificial scents that when we get a whiff of the real's a completely different Nature intended.
Destress Express-is a cleansing certified organic spearmint-y,spicy (cinnamon, rosemary, cardamon, vanilla)- refreshing complex scent-that we use in our Intelligent Diffuser hand crafted ($99)-turning it on 5 minutes every morning. The refreshing odor revives and is 'pure' ...and there is also a room spray available-great for traveling

Aura photographs were given to attendees before and after (inhaling the essential oils one is drawn to-in our case, an earthy spicy blend by Rechelbacher himself mixed on the spot)-- ours stayed the same!!!
But everyone else had different images.

Amidst the modern interior setting -with views that go on and on---there were spiritual items throughout the residence that we figured have special meanings for Rechelbacher---who clearly has voyaged abroad to expand his knowledge on the healing arts. (Background-Rechelbacher is the founder of-now, Estee Lauder owned,  Aveda). It all added up to a calm environment---and one we were privileged to be invited to 'experience.'
Horst M. Rechelbacher

Dazzled by the array of authentic, rather intoxicating scents-including personalized aromas-named for what one wants or to enhance---sort of speak----we learned that the right one -meaning scent---is the one you are drawn to right away. And the products are all packaged in recycled/recyclable materials...including soy inks.
we were believers before...the sense of smell is vital to a sense of well-being...and can heal

A presentation gave attendees some background information on the philosophy, and mission ---of Intelligent Nutrients...including noted collaborators...

one of the Certified Organic Aromatics and Total Body Elixirs---to wear from head to toe...

Rachel Carson admirers- we were nonetheless shocked to learn that over 80,000 chemicals are on the market today-a great majority we are sure have never been tested for toxicity- after all, we do wonder why all these food allergies and 'disabilities' are increasing in number-vs when we grew up.

As consumers-one does have a choice...

Intelligent Nutrients---offers many wonderfully scented- 100% plant based products for skin rejuvenation and hair care as well....all effective without the parabens, sulfates or other "unpronounceables"

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our most coveted item---the built-in espresso/coffee machine.