Wednesday, June 13, 2012



words/images Judith Ecochard

Decorative and functional, the multi-tasking snoods-aka, big infinity scarves ---from Spanish label BUFF---show off the the company's winning ways with prints and fabrics.

New for 2012's cooler temps-soft knits in chunky cable weaves....lined with warm polar fleece- are made seam savvy-without any hotspots...and are reversible too ($30).

Bandana  Buffs- some lined with fleece add some pizazz to any outerwear garment.$28..

Buff uses real industry proven fabrics in the mix---so the neckwear is fun and street wear worthy...PLUS there's real functionality here.
wind protection-$26

The scarf line has circular scarves made of Tencel fabric, are reversible ...

Some scarves are also made from recycled PET. ($39-$59)