Thursday, June 14, 2012


Scarf went both ways 

pre game touches

starting lines...

well-at least they had a common language...

Messi's efforts went here 2x...1x, the other way


have a feeling this little girl's parents were more excited about this line-up for the national anthems---than she was....

Olympic 2012 Brasil's players with Olympic hopefuls from NJ.

Opening touch

saw a few of these...

Messi surrounded...this led to  goal for Brasil

First goal-Brasil!!!!

No 5 yard penalty for excessive celebration in this kind of football game!

There he goes...for his first of three.

The agony and the ecstasy

YES!!!!! (Si)

Yes...this got a Yellow Card...kicking the ball like that


All keepers BUSY

Oscar subs out

not good-not getting up

A penalty shot miss...

even the great ones get roughed up----or especially so

tempers flaring late in the game---but nothing like an NHL playoff game...BUT Ezequil Lavezzi and Marcelo both sent off....

Argentina -...wins

handshakes and hugs----depending

after the game-some fans on the field---yes, Brasil and Argentinian supporters, all copacetic

departing glimpses of player were waiting for over an hour to wave farewell...
words/images  Judith Ecochard