Sunday, June 17, 2012

THE BODY SHOP-Limited Edition MAKEUP- LILY COLE's Beauty Without Cruelty

PLUS: Rebranding and Renovations ---Eco-Friendly...

James Hotel, NYC

words/images Judith Ecochard

The James Hotel-a hotspot of a spot in the Big Apple-(another Denihan Group winner)...was a fitting locale to stage a media event-showcasing the latest from the international body/hair/skincare brand, The Body Shop.

JUST LAUNCHED - The Body Shop Lily Cole Limited Edition Cruelty Free Makeup Collection-in stores nationwide, worldwide, and online at

New makeup lines always intrigue us-and with the knowledge that it is composed- completely free of animals (only synthetic makeup brushes), insects (a standard in coloring agents btw-like the crushed beetle for red dyes)... and shellfish derived products (crushed crustacean shells are a fairly common ingredient in a lot of stuff)---we say bravo. 

New Global Brand Ambassador-Lily Cole (model, activist)- the first ever 'spokes gal' for The Body Shop...and 'her' makeup collection in PINK REVOLUTION and CORAL ME BEAUTIFUL---terrifically contained in quirky cute, glammy/fun packaging- (hopefully in recyclable packaging)---launched last week...and includes perk me up Pearl Radiance  primer, High Shine lip glosses (4), 2 Shimmer Cubes eye palettes with four shades, creamy eye and cheek domes in bold Pinch Me Pink and Crazy For Coral (love)...Puff On Radiance powder, and liquid eyeliner.

Five core values-ethically driven- The Body Shop---sticks to its knitting, as it were...though we wish corporate parent L'Oreal-embraced the no animal testing, ever MO. 

A makeup demo for the new Beauty With A Heart Collection---was ably mastered by Chase Aston, The Body Shop's go to spokesperson for its cosmetics products-enlightened attendees with some smart, practical tips/suggestions- on how to get a radiant, healthy visage -or the summer.

Shimmer Cube colors-applied with a brush on the cheek's apples...

Define eyes---brush creases with darker tones, highlight under brows with lighter/ shimmery colors

take darker shade of lipstick, brush on entire lips...instead of lipliner...

...then take brighter/glossier shade of lipstick---and blot on the middle of upper and lower lips...

natural look-with definition of a liner but modern-wears better too

Liquid eyeliner- subtly lines lids-as close to eyelash line as possible -made easy with this built-in brush. Plus-paint (coat) lashes for definition (like dying one's lashes)-for some pop-without the use of mascara-

We are big fans of the Extra Virgin Minerals™ collection of foundations (paraben FREE!). We use the more dry skin friendly liquid foundation  as under eye cover...and the cream to powder  compact foundation on the rest of our face-for a more matte finish. Both versions very blend-able  and available in realistic skin tones.

Vitamin E Mist Spray-one spritz sets/refreshes makeup...

Synthetic Hair Makeup Brushes---imo, easier to keep clean, too.

Other Highlights---

Violà-the new Body Oils (99.6% natural ingredients)...are multi-tasking moisturizers, readily absorbed, non-greasy, lightly scented---(we rub a bit on our hands-then run through the ends of our hair----).

The Body Shop's Community Fair Trade Ingredients map...

All the Body Oils-contain Community Fair Trade sourced healer... Marula Nut Oil (from Namibia), and Kukui Nut Oil (from Hawaii's Candlenut Tree), and Sweet Almond Nut Oil....packed with nourishing Omegas 3, 6, 9 and Vitamin E. ($12/11 fragrances---a good deal)
Re-branding of the best-selling Body Butters---cleaner packaging that emphasizes the key ingredients in the mix-LIKE Shea, Coconut, Strawberry, Moringa, Satsuma, Mango, and Lemon.

Also summer ready-refreshing The Body Shop Body Mists - 8 lightly fragranced scents / $14 each, all contain Community Fair Trade alcohol sourced from sugar cane in Ecuador. Easy pick-me-up way to cool down.Without overwhelming one's neighbors...

We use the Rainforest line of products for the hair-free of yechy ingredients like parabens, sulfates, colorants and silicone...
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