Tuesday, May 15, 2012


International Beauty Show @ Jacob Javits/ 574 Fifth Avenue (46th/47th Streets), NYC
Serendipitous moments....gotta love...and we certainly felt that when the first exhibit we spyed at the recent IBS tradeshow, VIVISCAL®.

easy to swallow-there's a month supply per box

Having just mentioned the product in a recent post...the once little known but highly coveted supplement ---taken to meaningfully nourish thinning locks and promote existing hair growth---is now available in an extra strength formulation.

Like the regular strength Viviscal®--- the extra strength version is made from a proprietary AminoMar C™ Marine Complex (good to know-contains shellfish ingredients/gluten free).

PLUS instruction wise---the extra strength formulation is also taken 2x a day, with water, after food...though we have been trying it these past few weeks in the AM with our coffee only.

And it works. We usually give supplements two- three months to notice a difference. With Viviscal® extra strength ---we felt out hair to be subtly shinier and thicker---in two weeks...and since this is only our third week of taking the supplement- 2x a day...we suspect, our tresses to be even healthier in a month or so...given the same day to day follicle experiences.

No wonder, the esteemed salon owner and hair stylist, Oscar Blandi---recently gave a tutorial on how to style different types of curly hair for invited guests after the International Beauty Show hours...

AND how he recommends Viviscal® to all his clients, male and female, with thinning hair---aligning himself with a truly helpful product. That's impressive...as we picked up a def. vibe on Blandi that he's refreshingly authentic.

Styling tip tip----Pronto Invisible  Volumizing Dry Shampoo adds great texture and instant volume, no product buildup either--and strengthens and protects hair. NICE.

Another believer---and a very vocal one at that, is the congenial Jill Zarin-ex Real Housewives NYC...with her lovely hair (and haircolor)--and a dedicated Viviscal® taker.

Blandi styled this updo in about ten minutes.

The Sea and its nourishing offerings also served as inspiration for salon owner and hair stylist, Christo, who has a line of hair products, coined Curlisto Systems.

We had the pleasure of meeting this talented master of tresses- backstage during New York Fashion Week...as he was the hair guru for designer Farah Angsana's RTW show.

Most recently, we experienced the in-salon SEA TREATMENT---that consisted of a thorough hair wash (with a soothing, pressure point head massage that was so relaxing, we almost napped)----followed by a deep conditioning treatment---a custom masque that was left on our locks for about 15minutes, as we sat under a heat lamp---then followed by a flawless blowout, so patiently administered, for once we felt that we did not loose one precious hair follicle due to excessive heat or brushing.

The products used---included the new SEA Treatment Shampoo---and a custom SEA Treatment Conditioning Mask, conjured up by Maryanne, salon employee par excellence.

The slain offers many services including make-up application

Afterwards we had a nice chat with Christo himself...about the Sea Treatment products (including a conditioner for at home use too...).

Products for every hair type---not just curly...

available online

Kids too-adorable packaging

CHRISTO holding Sea Treatment Shampoo
"Dry, frizzy and damaged hair benefits from the proteins and moisturizers that are used," Christo pointed out---including Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein-that strengthens , Sea Algae Extract that promotes hair growth... and Sea Kelp Extract-that restores shine.

Added plus...the packaging, in a pump nozzle so no waste or mess if accidentally dropped. And a very light breezy/ floral-lavender/healthy fruity scent too-not cloyingly sweet...and not overwhelming.
Bright salon with classic wood accents-

One of the best things about the salon, and a very telling indication of a place that knows haircuts, well----are all the terrific 'do's on the heads of employees--- with varied hair textures---and all with very different styles that totally worked.
a beautifully coiffed curly hair cut

We hear the mantra ...work with your natural hair texture ---at lots of salons----but half the time we see the employees with hair that's styled into submission with anything but.

But at Christo's we saw practical wash and wear (with the right product and minimal fuss)...hairstyles. FAB!

GOOD TO KNOW: A Special Rate Parking Arrangement for Salon Clients on 44th Street (btwn 5th+6th Avenues).

INFO + E-Commerce: CHRISTO