Tuesday, June 28, 2011

SHANGHAI TANG AUTUMN/WINTER 2011 Collection Men's/Women's

 Wool Coat-Velvet Collar (l) / Rice Field Silk Qipao, Cloud Waist belt

Words/Showroom Images Judith Ecochard

When we used to travel around the globe, back in college---besides the affordability factor of youth hostels only, we always had a strong sense of where we were---by the topography/landscape, food, language, climate, ethnic types,  and absolutely, the clothes.

Washed cord jacket-Checker cashmere knitted scarf

Silk Cashmere Jacket Cardigan 

Cashmere Pullover with contrast placket

Now, everyone kinda looks the same with traditional garb worn for only tourists in many instances...and the unique styles---gone, replaced by mostly denim with a tee---now universal.

EVEN luxury brands are mass market nowadays...the same goods are available everywhere just about.

Which is why we really liked the Shanghai Tang Fall 2011 collections for Men and Women RTW---with the MO:

"A re-discovery of modern China Aesthetics...A journey of self-expression and TRANSFORMATION...China's dynastic return to a world of LUXURY, MODERN individualism and teh exploration of the NEW old from CHINA..."

YES! There is a strong design element/point of view- that is uniquely theirs---but accessible, not derivative of stereotypical Chinese apparel.

Cotton Velvet 

Flannel Padded Vest, Washed Checked Shirt

We thought the separates and accessories---all well made, with subtle references to the trends---
but not slavishly so---what we call modern classics.


"Treasure Chest" with a modern take on the classic qipao, silk trousers, longer skirts, all elegantly draped...

Phoenix Tatoo Qipao

Officer Belted Wool Coat

Terrific prints and a darker palette with "Vintage Screen" with the prints of peonies, China's preferred flower, and references to elegant antique garments with cloud, phoenix butterfly motifs.

Urban Warrior---especially in the want it leather and shearling coats with high collars and details such as hand-embroidered tribal motifs.
Toscana Shearling Coat

Embroidered Back

Down jacket with knot closures


Sophisticated---with silk and cashmere scarves, satchels with great details...in all shaoes, colors and prints.

Mongolian Hobo Shearling 

Chinese Knot Ankle Boots, Tatoo Stilettos

Braid Hobo detail

Tatoo Stilettos

Hobos (l) Phoenix Fan Clutch (r)

Warrior Pendant and Cuff (front, l) Phoenix Bangle and Ring (r)

Courtesy Shanghai Tang-Dragon Embroidery Denim Pants-w/ Color Cotton Shirt

Officer Silk Shirt with jade Buttons, Pleated Silk Pants, Mongolian Hobo Shearling 

Braid Hobo Handle