Thursday, June 2, 2011


Press Preview

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Novel Approach To Evening Out Skin Tone
Image Courtesy of Syneron®

Syneron®  is a  company that makes a bunch of lasers for non-invasive aesthetical procedures like the E-Matrix.

New for them...and very innovative...a three part, skin care protocol (Day/Night Creams and Facial Wash) to treat hyper pigmentation on any ethnic skin tone called ELURE™...available now.

At a press breakfast last month, we found ourselves learning about how the easy to apply Advanced Lightening Lotion/Night Cream---done in two steps, with a minute wait between parts 1 (Melanozyme™) and 2 (Activator)---2x daily, works from the top down of skin’s layers, and helps to fade/eradicate what we refer to as brown spots…

A not great to look at result of aging, acne, injury, hormones including melasma (that a gal can get when pregnant) and the sun. 

Non-irritating, non-carcinogenic, no fragrance and safe to use with other skin protocols (like retinoid treatments)---Elure contains active ingredients like the naturally occurring enzyme lignin peroxidase derived from a tree fungus---inhibiting visible melanin in the upper layers of the dermis (not stopping production of melanin that originates way down in the skin’s lower layers, btw--- that protects the skin).

The advantages over other skin lightening treatments that can be toxic, irritating, skin thinning and/or not good for darker skin tones-think Hydroquinone (over the counter and prescribed strength)--- are numerous. 

Briefed by an Austin based dermatologist ---who showed slides of her hard to treat patients’ faces--- before and after using Elure over 4 weeks (they looked waaayyy better after using Elure)… and then by Alain Khaiat PhD who talked about the efficacy studies conducted…(see…

We walked away impressed with what we saw …

SO as soon as we could, we tried Elure on our arms and back of our hands---that had a few brown spots.

We didn’t use the Elure Facial Wash $35---that is apparently good to get the skin at the right PH level…but used the Elure Advanced Lightening Night Cream $150 and Day Lotion $150 as instructed---
Night Cream---comes in a plastic jar with two part compartments

After three weeks, we felt a definite slight fading of the spots on our arms…more so on our hands. And felt a slight tinge when applied---not annoying, but def there. Additionally, our skin had a very light coat of something on it after application of the two part Night Cream, that was absorbed soon enough---so we figure that it is easy to apply makeup over the Day Lotion.
Applicator provided but we just used our fingertip

We also felt that the texture of the skin improved…that if used on our face, translates to more luminosity and evenness when used there.

ALSO---We were told that use of the Night Cream and Lotion are interchangeable and that the two treatments together should last 3-5 weeks, with older skin--- with less cell turnover, probably requiring a longer timeline for desirable results.

We can see how someone with hyper pigmentation might prefer Elure over chemical peels---which might turn in uneven results---- and laser treatments ---especially those with darker skin tones, easy.


Available at Doctor and online (, (

Recently dubbed one of the 10 most innovative beauty product to hit the market this year by television’s Today Show co-host Hoda Kotb.

AND of course---always use a serious sunscreen of some sort. Obviously!!!!

-Judith Ecochard