Friday, June 17, 2011


SPRING 2012 Make-UP Tips For 2011!!!!


Words Judith Ecochard

No Chalky Residue

Sheer to Medium Coverage (have it your way),

A Cinch to Apply,

Realistic Skin Colors,

Undetectable Finish in the sunlight ---

Gee, we think we gushed enough.

For good reasons...

We're big cheerleaders of the whole mineral makeup parabens, no talc, no fragrance, natural sunscreen via minerals mica and silica pearls, no oil...

The problem for us was in the application and finish...a lot of brands we tried had a somewhat chalky residue---and our gal pals with darker skin tones tended to fair worse, in a matter of speaking.

It always looked like a layer of something was on.

Well, time does wait for no-one...but it was def. worth the wait in this case--- the new mineral foundation - by Napoleon Perdis---pictured above-in six shades that manage to match-up ($59)...

---and primer/translucent foundation setting powder (in a genius snap satisfying compact that has a metal shaving mechanism --- dose-ing the exact 'serving' for you...$29).  Mr. Napoleon Perdis-who is also one of the most generously warm humans in the biz--- gets it right.

We tried both...on one of those 92 degrees, heat index over 100F days where any movement outdoors induced instant pools of sweat. Surprisingly, our foundation held up for hours--- we discreetly (hope) checked as we were at an alfresco, all afternoon not exactly flattering light.

The Rock On Mattifying Mineral Primer and Advanced Mineral Makeup Foundation rocked on indeed---staying 100 percent true to color, no beading mess-ups that typically happens when we perspire a bit wearing inferior foundations...

Amazingly, even non-experts applicators/drip dry types like us, who slap on foundation with our fingers---the coverage wasn't perceptible-and only a few small dabs covered our face.

Our skin tone was even, slightly dewy from the heat instead of the usual oil slick well---and held up as good if not better than those other foundations we sometimes use that costs nearly 2x more. FYI---the foundation has something called a DerMat Complex-a natural bark extract that reduces the sppearance of pore size---and shine.

The light diffusing elements enhanced subtly (Corrective Micro Spheres, Skin Optic Technology). Refreshed the operative word-as if we were able to take a nap or something.

But in this instance---it was the NP mineral makeup.

Naturally derived anti-oxidant minerals ---and as is with most Napoleon Perdis prestige products---healing extracts are both in the formulas imparting the skin with other anti-aging/soothing benefits---i.e. the foundation with Vitamins A, C, and E and SPF 15... and the primer packed with anti-aging fruit (grape seed, aloe vera), Antileuline 6 (natural kelp) and white tea extracts.

We often just wear the primer now---applied with a big fluffy makeup brush, and dab on the foundation where it is needed. Redness removed!

Excellent, elegant packaging---we put the Advanced Mineral Makeup and Mattifying Miner Primer in the prestige category...but think the pricing is decent---as the products will last us around 4 months are so, used daily.


and on the website-e-commerce too!


Many thanks to Rebecca Prior---the super talented NP makeup artist who worked numerous RTW shows with Napoleon Perdis and his team---makeup specially created for designers at the recent Rosemont Australia Fashion Week in Sydney...featuring S/S 2012 looks...

THE scoop.

Coral/peachy/sunny---(imho-try Honey Dust loose eyeshadow on the eyes $25) tones are still big. We actually find this color very flattering if used right.  Paired with a simple brow and uno coat of black mascara, light sheer blush---for example.

And with all the variations  of this brightening shade...we think for the eyes, it really brings out the greens and blues of eyeballs especially--- and surprisingly, is like a perky neutral.

For Bright Coral Lips--as seen at the shows---Devine Goddess Lipstick in Hara over a wine Pinot Noir lip pencil, then super blended---works just great.

For more info: LOOKBOOK by Napoleon Perdis