Monday, June 20, 2011


A Conversation with Libby Neuner

We always find fabrics' fabrications---and the ginormous number of textiles in general available on the market, very interesting...specifically the science behind it all. How a functioning material can make a performance piece a life saver...

Or how use of a certain fabric can make a fashion item come to life-from drab to fab, retain shape, endure the misfortunes of its wearers, etc.

Recently we had a wide ranging chit chat with Libby Neuner---parent corporation INVISTA's Global Marketing Director ...who was very excited about the new campaign for the sub-brand Lycra® Style---derived from research, and then intro-ed in Europe and this country this year---

Now a full fledged campaign of awareness building for designers and emotionally connecting with fashionistas is ongoing.

Some highlights:

LYCRA® STYLE was specifically developed for the RTW market---with special performance properties and pricing for the fashion market that differs from other Lycra brands.

There's a new campaign targeting a younger audience of 18-35 year olds "our future."An educational campaign is a go too--- as the outdoor market, denim and swimwear consumers already knows to look for (expect) the special Lycra® hangtag as an indication of quality.

Fashion garments use the highly esteemed Lycra® brand in a host of separates...i.e. T shirts have 5-10%, leggings -10%, woven shirts 2-3%, casual dresses 2-5%...

Lycra® Style has a whole slew of designers that love the material as it enhances the hand, helps the item drape better, and delivers a lot of functionality in terms of fit---the most important factor, besides overall style---for consumers.

Style without compromise is the MO...and now quality is more important than ever...

"Quality is associated with the Lycra® brand."

We think=smart.