Thursday, June 30, 2011


Garment District, NYC

Words/Images Judith Ecochard

Fashion trends-check
Chubby fake fur- warm too

Sailor Cargo gets stylish with snap details

Lace lining makes tops- feminine edgy

Cute blouse/tops separates-check

Denim very which way-check

Outerwear that looks/feels waaaayyyy more expensive than they are-check
Houndstooth Plaid capelet 

oversized collars and buttons

wool warm/ruffled coat comes in several colors---

And that includes warm jackets and coats...

And what we thought really looked authentic, not cheap-the faux shearling...our favs!

Jolt is sized in teens and girls- but we think all ages should find favor with these casual wear pieces...

At these price points-we always look to see if the items evaporate in a New York minute---but we didn't  see a hanging thread ---quality for not a whole in the Jolt leggings we got two years ago---are still in  constant repertoire in our wardrobe.