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@ L’Oreal Academy- Hudson, Street, NYC

Words/Images Judith Ecochard

We don’t know one woman on the planet that hasn’t lamented about something when it comes to their hair type/texture…

Even those with locks that inspire envy from other females---even those gals wish for a different head of hair, at least sometimes. And hair products have evolved accordingly, addressing all the different “issues” that a gal can have when it comes to her up top follicles.

This model has board straight fine hair (!)...Supreme Oil was used pre curling iron on dry hair.

So---it was interesting for us to learn about the line of hair products under the giant L’Oreal USA umbrella…MIZANI® (Swahili for “balance” FYI).


At the well-orchestrated launch…we got the scoop on the new MULTI-FUNCTIONAL Supreme Oil--- product “ultra-light instant moisture for all hair types.”

And they do mean all hair types as there was (very SMART btw)…women having their hair styled ---using this new product…with all very different types of hair.

We got there tad late---and Emcee Beth Payne answered our question about the composition of the product---that it is silicone and mineral oil free (no greasy, limp hair for the fine types)…and made largely from healing/nourishing essential oils that hydrate---like sesame, avocado, apricot, olive, Argan, sunflower…(“99% naturally derived”)

That replenishes the nutrients that get drain from our locks because of styling, diet etc…

All the gals that had their hair done up raved about Supreme Oil…and we admit, their hair felt/looked great.


 Fun, yummy eats...

Used on damp, (a quarter size applied from the roots out)…or a dry hair ---about a dime size on the ends---all to control frizz and fly aways, seemed a universal theme.

For those that blow-dry their hair, the product helped to lock out the humidity…leaving this due with smooth silky waves that last.


Then some more after taking out the twists in her hair…to get this cool hair do---which she told us, would last five days!!! (Took two hours).

How we used our sample---more as a pre shampoo treatment or really as a protection---we rubbed some of this easily absorbed oil on our hands…then ran our fingers/palms throughout our entire head of hair---then with bathing cap on, went swimming in a chlorine gagging pool.

After we showered, we let our hair drip-dry and noticed the texture…soft, shiny smooth. As it was a low humidity day (YEAH)---we didn’t need any more Supreme Oil…

But we can see how this all around product is so useful no matter what the elements …

4.1 0z / $25===easy pour plastic bottle---product has consistency of oil (duh)…so pour carefully---don’t dump it out.

TO LOCATE A MIZANI SALON: 1-877-726-3624 

---or visit

An attendee---told us she used Supreme Oil before blow-outs and when hair is dry, on her ends---a tiny amount