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874 Lexington Ave. NYC
2nd Floor

Words, Salon Images Judith Ecochard

Talk about a smart, hard working entrepreneur…

A recently minted TV star personality (on House of Glam / Oxygen)…may not pop into mind.

But…Amoy Pitters is all the above. PLUS.

After her jam packed salon opening where the outside elements could NOT keep the fabulous and famous away ---we got a chance to have the immensely talented and warmly professional Amoy Pitters to ourselves ---for a talk at her aerie, spotless salon ensconced on Lexington Avenue---(Right near Bloomies too).

Right off we had to ask Ms.Pitters--- what’s the first thing she notices about a person:

“The hair, always,” she declared with a laugh. No surprise there.

We talked about the docu-drama show, about the B Lynn Group---an image agency---with a talented “cast” of stylists, make-up and management types that do not lack for strong personalities, Pitters smartly, we think---lets the viewers see her professional side, how she interacts with the you know'em, high profile celebs--- and colleagues…and impressively ---what it takes to be a successful woman stylist---both creatively and biz-wise.

And yes---she is in her own words, “nothing to play with” because as a pro---she has work to do. Love that.

Often times, her clients, famous or otherwise walk in with challenged locks of hair, in a matter of speaking…but Pitters never sees anything as “hard” but more is spurred on by the creative challenge: “it’s my job.” As some may know, Pitters is REALLY famous for her dexterity with extensions---but really her salon is full service in the truest sense of the word---offering haircuts, blowdry, updo, conditioning treatment, color, waxing, mani/pedi, make-up and eyebrow shaping services.

Major applause too that this talented woman considers a person’s lifestyle as critical to what gets ‘done’ on someone’s head.

For example, among the many salon services offered, the four hour Brazilian Blowout is very popular---because it’s a 'do it in a day' hair treatment that’s good to go---and does an awesome job of getting rid of the frizz. Unlike some Brazilian Treatments offered elsewhere, there is no processing (IMHO stewing time) of four days.

As Pitters observed---people have active lives, and it’s TOUGH (we think, impossible) not to get one’s hair wet or touch one’s locks…a requirement of other treatments.

Holiday dos came up and Pitters thought that nice soft curls achieved via a curling iron---pinned up for work and just let down for the holiday parties…for chic tousled waves---is a great way to go.

We also asked about hair color and clothing color---a factor that Pitters thought not important…as it really about one’s skin tones. SO toss the old notions of Blondes cannot wear black.

Curiously, we asked if this now TV star in her own right picked up any tips from her cast mates---and yes, indeed…”that it’s ok to mix and match---high-end designer, and H&M.” And the importance of under garments like the Red Carpet staple for women (and men, probably)---SPANX---for “a smooth look---even if you’re thin.”

WE HAD TO ASK about hairstyle disasters…”Mullets” ha ha---followed by Jeri-curls though Pitters felt that even though THAT is oily, it can be  good for the scalp.

PRODUCTS: We got the scoop on the soon to launch AMOY COUTURE HAIR products to include shampoo, conditioner, curling balm and serum to fight the frizz. We sniffed the shampoo and it was lovely, really---not overwhelming as to compete with one’s perfume---but we felt subtly exotically scented.

Also Pitters is going to offer via e-commerce, clip-in extensions in five colors.

The spacious salon also sells many hair products from France’s René Furtherer collection. Pitters uses the Dry Shampoo ---“sprayed on a brush to create volume and texture on the show"…and that is the salon’s top seller.

FYI: The name of the salon AMOY COUTURE SALON was inspired by this lady’s first big break in the business---working the fabulous John Galliano’s Couture Show for Dior---where the designer himself, anointed Pitters to do his own hair for the show.