Sunday, October 31, 2010



Words, Judith Ecochard

Plenty has been written about the effectiveness of some of the world’s skincare products out on the market.
No surprise, like fashion…the concept of  high / low---mixing up the inexpensive with the pricier, holds true in beauty products too.

We’ve demoed products from three lines over the past few weeks---to experience and review. After all, EXUVIANCE®, IMMUNOCOLOGIE™, LUMIXYL™  don't have the marketing might, or will perhaps, of major cosmetics companies.

Exuviance® is a collection of skin care regimes with the MO of anti-aging ---reduce wrinkles and pore size, even out and firm up skin tone etc…

And also has line of products geared towards the acne prone…all under the umbrella of the very well respected NeoStrata company. 
We’ve attended enough aesthetically oriented medical conferences--- so we’ve heard about NeoStrata for years from other Dermatologists, no less…and jumped at the chance to try out its new Exuviance® Age Reverse Eye Contour,,,

With the tagline: “the science of skin transformation™"---the cleanly packaged under eye treatment ($68) is non-irritating and has a slight odor that disappeared once on our skin. A good thing. The product itself is a cross between a serum and a white cream in consistency, so the lotion's thickness is easily absorbes, and doesn’t interfere with any foundation or makeup we slapped on right after. We liked this product a lot…apparently it is loaded with patented ingredients…coined NeoGluciosamine™, Retinal (a derivative of Vitamin A- a proven skin brighter/wrinkle reducer) and Peptides…” a unique combination ---to replace collagen and firm skin’s structure.

Plus…a patented Maltobionic Acid/PHA to smooth away appearances of crow’s feet, and  to hide dark circles. It also has caffeine to deflate puffiness, Vitamin C and E--- and soothes with chamomile and ginseng. AND---optical diffusers---to brighten the eye area. Pretty well packed with stuff.

We patted a drop (that’s all that’s needed) in the morning and usually right after a workout---and found Exuviance®’s Age Reverse Eye Contour particularly helpful in calming down our scary under eye irritation---helping us look normal (with supple, moisturized sockets)--- after chlorine saturated pool sessions where we swear our pricey goggles leave not only funky indents around our eyeballs, but the seal causes us to get broken capillaries. Good for sensitive types too---

We discovered the new IMMUNOCOLOGIE™  skincare line at the Parisian For A Day event we attended back in September. Developed by Manzoor Jaffrey- “who already made his mark in history by being the first to discover the anti-aging properties of and patent Alpha Hydroxy Acids…"---Immunocologie is an original skincare range "based on the extraordinary benefits of bio-fermentation.” 

The brand ---and its dark protective glass packaging---reminds us of the Cellex–C line…itself based on the benefits of Vitamin C as a potent skin treatment.
And also ---

Immunocologie references the process of fermentation --- how Sake is created---(and the aha moment of company P&G’s popular SK-II Skincare collection )…

So the concept was not out of left field, so-to-speak.

This line delivers its specifically developed goodies aiding the skin’s Langerharn Cells--- white blood cells that are integral to our body’s immune system…acting as a biocatalyst to reduce and repair skin’s damage from the cellular level on up to the top epidermis. For positive changes that don't rinse off.

Seeking “light from within,” that characterizes young radiant skin.

We’ve been using Immunocologie’s Treatment Serum for a couple weeks…and feel like, we look like ...we got mini facials that brighten us up---without the dreaded redness factor of effective strength retinols. The liquid (that’s the consistency) is dark and smells like vinegar---which makes sense since it is a fermented product…but it is totally non-irritating and importantly, the products never lose potency. The serum absorbs in a nano-second though the odor lingers a bit.
Makeup and or sunscreen easily went on afterwards…like there was nothing else on our skin.
PLUS: There’s also a cream version that’s better for drier skins...that we plan on switching over to when the weather gets colder.

Lumixyl™ has been hailed as a topical brightening dimming the lights on dark skin spots –hyperpigmentation and age-spots that’s safer and as effective, over time--- than the prescription products on the market.

We’ve written about this non-irritating light white lotion developed by Envy Medical, Inc and dermatological researchers at Stanford University before…and really appreciate how it doesn’t increase our photo-sensitivity to the sun---  while gradually fading brown spots (about five months in total),

New to the market…is a Lumixyl Topical Brightening System that is four products: 

Active-Prep Cleanser-a gentle foam cleanser that removes dirt, giving the skin a clean slate and preparing it for what’s next---plus packed with anti-oxidants like clover, rosemary, sage, barley and rosa canina fruit extracts---that fight damaging free radicals.

---The Topical Brightening Crème that inhibits the tyrosinase enzyme that regulates the overproduction of melanin.

---GlycoPeel 20 Rapid Exfoliating Lotion a gentle leave-on exfoliator that reduces the hyperpigmentation layers--- and that accelerates epidermal “turnover” cycle…

And Moisture-Lock Sunscreen SPF 30--- a moisturizing broad spectrum physical sunscreen featuring Lumiblock technology---formulated with micronized titanium dioxide and contains SymHelios 1031 a proprietary ingredient that works by inhibiting the potentially toxic effects of UV rays on skin tissue

All designed to bring out the best in each other….addressing the aforementioned instant skin-agers, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, sun/age/liver spots, and photo-damage.. And that works in less time that just using the lotion alone, IMHO.

The kit, which retails for $270…can be used on the face---where we guess most people will want to get rid of any skin darkening…but hands, arms and tummies (melasma)---are also fair game. And it’s a kit---but we have been using all four products on our hands and it takes just a few minutes, if that.


Honoring Jackson Browne Norma & Russ Ramsey, Pastor James Wuye and Imam Muhammad Ashafa

WITH Hosts Farah Pandith, Rosie Perez, Steven Van Zandt, Mo' Rocca

Dinner, Live Auction & Concert

Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC

Archbishop of South Africa's Desmond Tutu's words of wisdom..."You must be the change you wish to see in the world. ..."  have inspired  the "We ARE FAMILY® FOUNDATION

A non-profit organization founded by legendary songwriter and producer Nile Rodgers---dedicated to promoting peace through interfaith understanding and actions...


Programs...including the Three Dot Dash ---that supports teen leaders around the world who are actively working on projects that address basic human needs and promoting a more peaceful society.

We say, that.

At the annual gala, a massive assortment of musicians, actors, philanthropists and supporters gathered at the Hammerstein Ballroom in midtown Manhattan...

And the party started from the first canape on....finishing up with a primo jam session featuring the uber talents of  Nile Rodgers, the E-Street Band's Stevie Van Zandt, Jackson Browne, and Kate Pierson. WOW.

Some pics we took on the Red Carpet...


We love Kate Pierson-B 52s singer/songwriter...and hostess to some lucky auction winner.

The Message----
AWESOME---Stevie Van Zandt---his wife Maureen (in real life and on The Sopranos)---matched out in purple kickers.
Purple Suede Kickers for Kate too...and smiles all around.

                                                              Actor John Shea

Norma & Russ Ramsey

Something we didn't see too much when Van Zandt was in character as Silvio Dante...a smile.
With Ethan Borthnick...( 9 yrs old Piano wizard/child prodigy)

All smiles...Rosie Perez, Pastor James Wuye, Niles Rodgers, Imam Muhammad Ashafa

David and Susan Rockefeller, Jr. with Exec. Director WFF Nancy Hunt

Reasons to be cheerful...

Jackson Browne

Pictures for all...


Donna Cruz (L) DJ got the cocktail party bopping with P-Funk's "One Nation Under A Groove..."How appropriate.

Rosie Perez,

Nile Rodgers poses with one and all....

Saturday, October 30, 2010


West 37th Street, NYC

Inspired the the exuberant canvases of Latin American artists, the cordial Angle Sanchez delivered a knock-out collection of  evening wear in his showroom.

The models, posed in sky high heels beautiful, one shouldered and strapless beautifully draped cocktail frocks.

Black Crepe One Shouldered Dress- with folded front panel and sequin detail at the neckline.
Yves Klein Blue popped---on left

Color blocked, geometric designs ---also nods to the artwork of that early part of the decade---with intricate sequins detail  and insets.

We thought this amazing---

This Orange Crepe cocktail dress with one shoulder folds draped and tiered skirt ---elegant and flattering.

 Orange strapless crepe cocktail dress with side draping that continues to cascade in the back...perfect.
 The designer, Angel Sanchez with two gals from his showroom.

Some skinny pants. 

Like wearing a work of art...geometrically pieced cocktail dress.