Thursday, April 30, 2009

SEW by Scott Wasserberger and the debut of La Mode Revient

Lower East Side-and Midtown-NYC

Words, Images Judith Ecochard and courtesy of designer.

We were thinking about the McDonald-ization of the luxury goods-how impersonal the entire manufacturing and shopping experiences have all gotten.

Psychology often factors into consumer purchases and we think the need to conjure up unique designs with the focus on the customer-not the ‘it’ item---heralds a welcome shift back to personal attention and craftsmanship.
Recently, we stopped in the wood paneled store/atelier of SEW – that serves up bespoke and RTW (“Off the Peg”) collections of finely tailored menswear with a hip twist.

Garment industry veteran, Scott Evan Wasserberger pays homage to his family with this fairly new establishment…and the tradition of a Saville Row like experience, stateside.

With a glass of wine in hand, we got an exclusive up close tour of the goodies last week---and once again feel ‘the clothes make the man’ especially when the attire has subtle flourishes---“cool” linings, unique buttons (mother of pearl etc), and contrast stitching on lapels, hand applied of course.

Long sleeve dress shirts made from the finest cottons sourced from international mills (mostly Italian, duh)---come in an array of styles-as befits the build and preferences of the client.

What dudes get are flawless fits (tapered is in)- and the ideal color/print options given a guy’s other wardrobe holdings- and skin tone. Custom finishes like higher upper buttons for a polished tie-less look “without looking like a guido”…and wider cuffs to accommodate oversized watches are standard.

“I design with what it (blazer, shirt, waist coat) will look like with a pair of denim.” Wasserberger noted…highlighting the high/low trend of wearing jeans with everything and everywhere.

And why not, it’s more comfy. And a custom jacket has all the bells and whistles ---like extra inner pockets for cigars and shoulders with some oomph that can enhance a triangle silhouette- if need be

Top spring looks include partially lined jackets and seersucker.

And a silk velvet blazer in silvery gray would look handsome and appropriate on a young Hollywood hunk.
Formal garb and outwear are available too---in classic cuts or with edgy twists. Or both.

All work is done locally in the tri-state area with experienced craftsmen laboriously hand stitching and finishing everything… as a flawless end product is a given.

This is as fine tailoring experience as any man can get…and as discreet as necessary.

Another alternative to the assembly line retail experience is launching this week via La Mode Revient---an intimate, upscale POP SHOP like experience meshed with the personal attention of designers hosting the event.

For its debut in NYC on May 1st-- at high-end shoe maker Vanessa Noel’s salon, La Mode Revient hosts Sonya Rolin (Sonya Rolin Atelier) and Irene Zelinsky (Rolling Stonz designs-a jewelry line) – will both be showing their chic, classic modern designs- and styling/customizing clients from head-to-toe if desired.
Fashion designer Ruben Singer …is also a guest host.

Privacy and discretion in the “couture” like setting is a given. Plus ---the option of sipping relaxing cocktails …make for a unique experience that women of this generation probably- totally- missed out on.

TBD: Future cities with other designers.



Magenta Opera coat by Sonya Rolin

Diamond encrusted briefs (vintage)

Diamond bra (vintage)

White platforms with diamond bow by Giambattista Valli

Gold cuff with amethyst, rose quartz and citrine by Irene Zelinski Rolling Stonz

Larriet with 4ct gold nuggets, amethyst, south sea pearls and rose quartz by Irene Zelinski Roling Stonz