Wednesday, April 1, 2009



Words, Judith Ecochard, Most Images, Courtesy of Fashion Forms

We remember Julia Roberts' 2001 Oscar winning acceptance speech and the media frenzy that followed---for her performance in the flick “Erin Brockovich” for many reasons.

Playing a feisty twice divorced single mom turned activist attired in risqué wardrobe with an enhanced cleavage and minis, the actress went 180 degrees the other way that Red Carpet night ---and was all elegant glamour in her vintage black and white Valentino gown.

On the daytime talk show circuit however, Roberts jokingly remarked how “it took a village to get that cleavage...” (and that Oscar look, no doubt) ---crediting silicon “chicken cutlets” for that extra oomp

So there we were, at a Garment Center locale reviewing the extensive collection of curve enhancing bras and innovative gizmos that are either/or supportive, provide coverage, and/or shape our boobs via adhesives, silicone or gel pads, and ingenious, size adjustable freestanding wonders that are straight out of an engineers’ handbook…courtesy of one company, Fashion Forms®.

Frankly, we were staggered. And we so got what the REAL Red Carpet staple was/is for many actresses.


Ventura based Fashion Forms® was founded by entrepreneur Ann Deal-in the late 80’s, gradually morphing into an industry leading intimates company soon after the “Original Water Push Up Bra” (as worn by the fab Heidi Klum) hit it big in 1997.

Currently, Deal “owns and holds the license for more patented items than any other single entrepreneur” in this biz. Some of those breast enhancing/coverage free standing and traditional winners, patented or otherwise- include the first reusable “BREAST PETALS,

and the best selling “Nu Bra®” and “Nu Bra® Ultralite™” that are silicone-- and soft foam cups, respectively--- with inner adhesives and a clear front clasp---that help one defy gravity invisibly---and are ideal for “…strapless, backless, halter and formal fashions.”

Two years of brainstorming has resulted in the “world’s first WRAP BRA-” (patent pending) that got our eyeballs all ga-ga when we saw a sample.

It is obvious to us why it works as billed, meaning “it won’t fall off or fall down.” There’s an adjustable Velcro Side Closure on both sides…that is hidden, super thin and lies flat---but miraculously holds it all up.

Adjustable for just the right amount of support/cleavage---this soon to be intimate staple (and we predict a huge seller, retailing for $32)-is available in Black or Nude in sizes 34-38, B, C, and D.

Coincidentally, TV commentator Melissa Rivers (Joan River’s daughter—the brunette nice one) always cited her worst Red Carpet moment as experiencing a strapless bra migratory slide down to her waist. She’s a spokes-gal for Fashion Forms® and must have put in the word for what’s missing on the market.

PLUS: Rivers and Hollywood stylist Sam Saboura have partnered with Fashion Forms® to create the "Red Carpet Ready Kit."

The Peel and Stick “TRIANGLE CUPS” are ideal for sensitive skin types who don’t want adhesive anything on their skin---the sticky stuff is on the other side (in reverse) and adheres to clothes. The coverage is perfecto for halter tops and bathing suits. (Retail $19.99 in cup sizes A/B, B/C, C/D in Nude)

The "CAMI TOO™" that "turns your everyday bra into a sexy camisole." Idiot proof meaning we got it (YEAH!) is a lacy bandeau like item with tiny plastic hooks to attach to bra straps.

We like how we can wear it under a blazer---and all the ladies (of various shapes and sizes)--- at our dentist's office (our next appointment) gave it a big TWO THUMBS UP. ($18.00--in White, Black)

“For someone who isn’t savvy…” Ha Ha---like us, there are before and after pictures on the packaging of the products. So potential wearers get it.

AND the product line is so extensive…”there is not only one option” for whatever a woman needs “…a lift, some shaping, and a little bit of support.”

AND items can be combined…ie. the silicone gel “Enhancers” (Nude or Sheer) that adjust to one’s body paired with “U-Plunge Bra” (Black, Dark Nude, Light Nude) that sports convertible straps…and duh, has a deep plunging construction that lifts and shapes via padded cups.

RETAIL: Widely available at over 9000 retail outlets including Neiman’s, Victoria Secrets, Saks, Macy’s, Belk’s, Dillards, Bloomies and BARE NECESSITIES.

Seamless Backless Strapless