Wednesday, August 31, 2016

New Shelf Staples-Gourmet Beverages PART 2

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Convenience Drinks-Water Enhanced, Functional Beverages

Earth's more precious resource, no filter needed-fresh drinking water -is becoming so rare that entire industries have sprung up to cure our thirst...bottled waters=sparkling/flat, water enhancers and functional quencher substitutes.
There are plenty of water drops and powders for sale-SweetLeaf Water Drops sweeten their refreshing+authentic flavors with stevia-zero calories or carbs-and no artificial ingredients! FYI-add these flavor enhancers to recipes for cooling pops, iced teas, etc. BPA free packaging-squeezable bottles.

Sweet Drops -SweetLeaf's portable liquid option sweetened with zero calorie plant derived stevia so no glycemic response, zero carbs, no artificial sweeteners...and enhanced with natural flavors for GREAT TASTE. We consumed our coconut flavor sample--adding about 4 drops to 8oz for a delicious take on coconut water without the calories. Widely available. 
INVO coconut waters non-GMO and USDA Organic (!) come in palatable flavors-Tropical and Sencha Green Tea-taste much better than straight out coconut water (imo). BTW made the cold pasteurized way (cold water under high pressure) that preserves the nutrients. 5 grams of electrolytes, 670 milligrams of potassium per serving -and around 50 calories -hydration that is not too sweet-mix it in smoothies and cocktails :-)

ALOE GLOE-USDA Organic cooling water with aloe-sweetened just a tad with cane sugar-18 calories a serving -or 36 for this whole very refreshing.A known healer when applied topically, aloe vera also a purported healer-when drinking it too- and Aloe Gloe is gluten free-with zero preservatives. We can vouch for the great taste---and like some sweet drinks...ALOE GLOE was thirst quenching without the crash-not making us more thirsty.

FOUND sparkling mineral waters-infused with natural plants, flowers and/or herbs-in flavors refreshing cucumber mint, lemon, elderflower,  hydrating watermelon-slightly sweet with pure beet sugar=60 calories a bottle. 

Powders are so convenient-10th Avenue Tea -has their own portable all natural instant tea powders-sold in eye catching 2 ounce alumni bottle fitted with a shaker top yielding 60 servings. WELL DONE.  Good over hot or cold water-just shake and stir/serve-3 matcha infused blends are available as well as caffeine free Berry Herbal Rooibos with blueberry and plum flavors. From a CA company founded by sisters-in laws Ann Foley and
be MIXED-zero calorie cocktail mixers -all natural-single serve bottles come in three very tasty flavors...Cucumber Mint, Ginger Lime and Margarita. Greta straight outta the bottle too-on ice-in mouth watering recipes like watermelon tequila pops and whiskey sours. Available in NY for now-company founded by two gal pals who reconnected at Harvard Biz -ditched the financial world for the gourmet food world....later probably populated with happier peeps.
Vida Loca Margarita

new packaging for MOCKTAILS..4 pack as well as fun recyclable glass cocktail shakers-add ice-and alcohol-accordingly-or not...these flavor drinks deliver less than 100 calories HFCS or preservatives, non-GMO, gluten free. Several flavors pictured Sevilla Red Sangria.
Purpose driven drinks. IQ Juice "Live Life Smarter" with several selections like Immunity and Fat Burner-... cold pressed apple cider with passion fruit-main ingredient of all. The pictured three -Relaxation with Kava, Memory with Gotu Kola and what we tried- Detox-tasty sweet drink with anti-oxidant Pomegranate + beet, lemon and triple filtered water. No preservatives added.
BAI drinks are a fashion fav in NYC=5 calories a lots of flavor-antioxidants in the mix via superfood coffeefruit...and "no villainous flavors". 11 delicious flavors! Thirst quenchers...satisfyingly sweet enough.

BEEFED UP DAIRY-delivers more function to adult+ kid friendly drinks.
chocolate milk post endurance workouts-touted as delivering muscle healing proteins and carbs (that would be the sugar from chocolate + milk). HORIZON shelf stable-no refrigeration needed till open is functional food with 15 grams of protein. Chocolate flavor High Protein Chocolate Flavor-lowfat milk is USDA Organic-has 230 calories, calcium, vitamin D and 37 grams of sugar which imo on the high side...but-makes it a good recovery drink after mega hour workouts when we're totally depleted.
Probiotics loaded (12 live+ active)-99% lactose free, it D and Calcium blessed-and low fat... Lifeway Kefir now comes in a summery-refreshing watermelon flavor...actually works-taste wise-refreshing cold-tart+tangy with underlying sweetness from cane sugar+watermelon flavor. 140 calories=per 1 cup serving.

ICONIC PROTEIN are tasty ways to replenish the protein less the calories-all the while as fun to drink as a milkshake!!! FREE FROM lactose, carrageenan, gluten, soy, BPA, and non-GMO-with 20 grams of protein (grass fed milk protein isolate) -only 3 grams of sugar and 130 calories.