Saturday, August 20, 2016

BREAKFAST ALL DAY: Not Your Grannie's Granola

Breakfast all day-we've been doing THAT forever-cereal always worthy of eating as a meal or snack.

Part of the reason why imo-granola has gone glammy -(not just granny).

Whatever your tastes and allergies-the mix-ups of gourmet granola offerings are numerous! Crunchy all... sweetish to very sweet (added like organic honey, and/or dried fruits), spicy (of course-it's a hot food trend, literally), nut free, grain free selections...delivering higher protein (from seeds - nuts) than the usual cereal fare...and standard MO-non-GMO, some gluten free (from the selections we saw), dairy free, kosher, zero trans fat....

Note-these are fairly calorie high snacks imo...typical serving (1/4 cup) which isn't that around 130-150 calories -why a tablespoon of granola as a food accent- in a smoothie, atop ice cream-or creamy yogurt for example = satisfying crunchy indulgence...which also happens to be how yogurt -with crunchy additions- are packaged by company giants like Chobani etc.
granola like crunchy crumbles-packaged with a snack...convenient-Chobani' Simply 100= creamy non-fat greek  with 'crunch' -the latest flavorBalck Cherry Pie-with bits of the best part lol pie crust-with dried cherries sweetened up with brown sugar and stevia.

Some highlights from recent Fancy Food Show:

Def...a lady's theme here...

Viki's Granola snack pack 1.5 oz or 12oz $5.49 ...5 delicious flavors of gluten free, non GMO verified crunch
There really is a Viki (Sater) in Viki's Granola-!!!! No fillers, preservatives or fillers in this former homemaker's products! 

Banana Walnut gluten free oats, organic honey, unsweetened coconut, enhanced with banana chips/walnuts. Our fav
My Wife's Granola-Alegria Fine of 3 flavors-this one is crunchy yummy mix with hint of spice- the cinnamon/nutmeg= just right.
This smiling duo (Penny and Peter-there' two more founding pals too) - part of the entrepreneurial amazing The Brooklyn Foodworks-located in a former Pfizer factory ...BAD SEED's Chili Granola===aka "MEET GRANOLA'S EVIL TWIN"
Savory and Spicy...Chili Granola...we'd say is def not a breakfast food-and-sold in a jar-in garlicky hot spicy oil- used  instead of flavored breadcrumbs, hot sauce or as a condiments atop pastas, as a sandwich 'spread', in salad dressings, atop yogurt or mixed in with any main dish entree. Not gluten free-there is barley in the miso paste used...but for everyone else-spicy hot (Korean chili and anaheim chili powder), ginger, garlic, cayenne, seeds... a tad sweet (brown sugar, honey, organic coconut palm sugar) is a sophisticated mix - unusual and cool in a hot way.

Low Sugar-Lizi's Granola- we anticipate more and more granola offerings with less sugar as consumers are more aware of how not fab sugar is-especially added sugar- for anything-health and looks wise-inflammatory bad for facial skin, etc. AND with the US's new labeling requirements showing the added sugars in food should be eye opening for sure. Lizi's Granola low sugar-with less than 4 grams of added and natural sugar per serving-is already a best selling product for this UK company-jumbo rolled oats, rapeseed oil, pumpkin+sunflower seeds, assorted nuts-give the protein---cashews, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, desiccated coconut, fructose and black treacle-non-GMO.

Purely Elizabeth grain free granola (less the oats or grains typically found in granola) has cashews as the main ingredient---with organic banana puree and superfood seeds (pumpkin, hemp, chia), cashew butter, coconut oil with hints of vanilla and sea salt...there's also 2 flavors of Probiotic Granola-with a patented vegan strain we did't try. All non-GMO and bonus points-member of 1% For The Planet and a Vertified B Corporation

From Nuts About Granola-their FORAGER grain free Paleo granolas-swap out the grains with protein packed seeds-3 flavors  including Chocolate Chia-gluten free, soy free, dairy free-with sunflower seeds -almonds, chia seeds sweetened up with organic blue agave+organic molasses plus cocoa powder /organic cocoa nibs+cinnamon - with a interesting touch of espresso and sea salt-a grown-up granola...snackable like trail mix. IMO.
TREE NUT/PEANUT free is a big theme at any food show...I.M. Healthy serves up theirs with gluten free rolled oats, and soy nut butter made from non-GMO soybeans..also FREE of gluten+dairy 
Inspiration from destination...Naked Granola non-GMO tasty crunch granola made with organic rolled oats...bonus points 1% of net sales donated to end hunger 501c3's AND a TEAM AWESOME company with a lot of spunk.


Sometimes it's all about the ready to eat cereals that we want-crispy flakes hit the spot...coincidentally the biggest packaged foods success story we have witnessed from when this team launched-is BACK TO THE ROOTS....USDA Organic, crunchy tasty cereals -made from blessedly few ingredients..."UNDO FOOD™"
sold in big pourable containers and single serving sizes...all with 3 grams fiber, 4 grams of protein per serving. The new PURPLE CORN flavor is made from 100% organic non-GMO purple corn from Minnesota, organic cane sugar from Florida, and Sea Salt from the San Francisco Bay

Seemingly always smiling- for good reasons!!! Co founder Nikhil Arora