Saturday, June 18, 2016


Part 2
Athletic types tend to be all about the low maintenance in their grooming rituals (all that training sucks up time)...
 -but highly demanding of what skin/haircare products they use.

Products for hair/skin that are naturally leaning with clear ingredient labels, that are effective, well packaged--- free of parabens...and priced sensibly... find favor with gals and guys...who work hard and are not persuaded by glammy ad campaigns and feted (paid) influencers.

What's New:

For skin not only dried out from a pool swim or high altitude arid air...but also slicked/ sweated out from a long run...a new amped up mist moisturizing spray-bests those other thermal water in a can quenchers...with the healing properties of pine found only in SW France. Meet our fav new product-Milky Hydrating Lotion-delivered in a fine mist... from cult skincare line iXxi Essenxiel...courtesy of a family owned French company -that uses the patented OPC PIN,  a powerful anti-oxidant, skin repairing/protective, anti-aging ingredient made from Landes pine bark-as the foundation for its many products.
iXxi Essenxiel Milky Hydrating lotion -scented but non-irritating (made from 97% natural origin ingredients)ultra-fine mist that instantly refreshes with sweet refreshing scent of pine woods...contains purifying sugar complex (wheat-wood), acacia honey, moisturizing evening primrose extract...use after applying sunscreen-or to set makeup-and  also as a pick me up from a day at the beach or hike through the woods. 

Also from  iXxi Essenxiel all skin types collection-quick performer= Velvety Cleansing Milk-a gentle no-rinse off makeup-grime remover-with that transporting scent of maritime pine extract and OPC PIN-plus camellia oil and plum butter. 97% natural origin ingredients and of course paraben free. Good for travelers too-who are heading to destinations where the water type is questionable or nonexistent.
Popular as a beauty supplement...for even for the mani/pedi free...Biotin aka Vit B7-has many cheerleaders amongst the MD Derms we know...which is how we even knew about its purported helpful ways-suggested to us by the late genius Dr. Frederick Brandt. A trusted brand that delivers-Biotin Plus by Natrol contains 5000mcg of  Biotin
plus 10mg Lutein per dosage...supports nails/hairs from brittle break-offs---and purportedly aids skin hydration too. Win Win-esp. when traveling when on the go meals lack nutritional value of what we eat when home.

New to the USA...but a best selling skincare line in CANADA...Jouviance has several collections of skincare targeting younger-to more mature types with targeted needs ranging from acne, redness, uneven skin tone, fine lines/wrinkles and loss of firmness. Developed by a dermatologist-this well priced skincare line-is a no-nonsense deliverer of clinical results without the hassle (or expense). From basic everyday use- like the pictured Cleansing the new daily RESTRUCTIV Glycol/Laser soft peel -in a lotion or moisturizing night cream-plus a 1x a week masque-boasting an impressive 10% glycol acid--yet non-irritating ---helping to effectively shrink the appearance of pore size and encouraging skin cell renewals for a fresher appearance-desired by both women and men. We also tried the best selling easy to use 3-In-1 Anti-Aging-that is paraben free and hydrating--which we use as a moisturizing helper in our sensitive eye area after a swim. It mercifully-aids in firming up our eye sockets that def. takes a beating from our swim goggles-that now leave less then lovely indents. FYI-FREE OF parabens, sulphates, phthalates, mineral oils, colourants, or artificial fragrances.

Now available at CVS-PURA D'OR's Blue Line of consumer products targets hair loss, flaky irritated scalps, and frizzy dry locks...with targeted conditioners and shampoos made from a slew of natural ingredients-including organic multi-tasking organ oil. Packaged in over-sized pump bottles...and priced from around $19.99-$32.99...Pura D'or hair solutions-contain no harsh sulfates that can dry out hair, no SLS or parabens OR SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES (yay), is gluten free and good for even the most sensitive skin/scalp types. We have been using the Healing Conditioner (on the left)...made of impressive 99% natural origin ingredients, smells great with lavender oil and natural vanilla extract, easily gets out the tangles of our long locks-one pump finger combed through wet hair- left on for 2 minutes...then rinsed out. Cruelty free and made in the USA-bonus points!

adorable-and adorably created by 10 year old Daisy-a young gal with entrepreneurial leanings...our new like every hour usage- lip balm by LIPZU (ZESTY pictured-comes in 6 fun shapes/scents-$6.00 each)-soothes dry cracked lips with 95% organic ingredients and is 100% paraben and petroleum free-and soothing with shea butter, jojoba oil and Vit. E.
in the middle---the creative light of LIPZU...with a few pals. CUTE