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Multi-Function Musts/Beauty

For every ritual- 10-step K beauty addict we know-there's 498 others-that are 'only' one-maybe two steppers.

Not just a J beauty 'thing'-multifunctional everything for busy lives-includes the most cutting edge ingredients-in one product.

Travel and athlete musts too- where simple, effective and portable are three adjective necessities.

Our top choice for physical sunblocks (yup the only kind we use aka the kind that works)-is the  TIZO line of mineral based skincare. For years now.
Added Plus:  TIZO Photoceutical-is a very worthy addition to its effective sun protection collection, rated SPF 40 -with UVA-UVB blocking Zinc Oxide 16% in its fusion of protective ingredients.

(IMO-physical sunblocks- unlike nasty bad for the environment chemical sunscreens-probably offer up blue (smartphone/screen light blocking properties too)

In this winning formula-that goes on smoothly (dimethicone) + evenly -with a super light breathable feel (lightly tinted) -are Derm doc recommended moisturizing lipid builder- ceramides (Ceramide 3) and anti-oxidants C + E (tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate-tocopherol acetate) -the later are both effective combating skin ravaging -inflammatory-skin suppleness slayers,  anti-radicals.

Unlike some highly praised BB and CC foundation thick lotions we'v tried-plagued by 'old lady' fragrances, Tizo is thankfully-fragrance neutral-and has build-ability-meaning it's just enough to negate the need for any foundation beyond like underage dark circle-or red spot cover needs.

A perfect summer scenario...we find it's long lasting too.

No wonder Tizo is appearing on 'Best Of...' sunscreen lists of mainstream media. Finally.

Available on Amazon
AND (it's a physical sunblock- plus the brand has been a cult top smart pick for awhile)