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End of a Hot Summer Help

Scorchers require better hydration: Think Hydrogen.

NEW:  HyVIDA. a canned refreshingly sparkling water has Hydrogen and Magnesium infused molecules which give it a higher pH and better taste. Available in two certified organic flavors -zero calories.
Why it's good? As an anti-inflammatory-hydrogen/magnesium in water-is blessed with natural anti-oxidants-good for skin + body cells. Reportedly it aids vitality(ATHLETE ESSENTIAL)-as drinking hydrogen water results in a more alkaline state-better for health + theoretically anti-aging too. 

Tasty + thirst quenching: Available now

Another type of 'functional foods-nutritional supplements-as well as health beverages-are popular. In Japan-cult fav company Pink Cross (toner mists are bestsellers and available here)-has a new Oral Drop Hydrogen-a lemon flavored tablet to drop in water-aiming to (similarly)-boost hydrogen levels in the body-reducing oxidative stress-and pop up energy levels.

Scorchers require long lasting sunblock _skincare help:

Tizo-adds to its winning mineral based line-up of Zinc + Titanium oxides based sunblocks with a reef safe Sheer Botanicals product.

Non-tinted and water resistant to 80 minutes (SPF 45)-this TIZO-is satisfyingly slightly thick (enough to know you're not missing a spot)-  and as a broad spectrum sunblock-manages to protectively shield AND virtually disappear into our skin when we use it

With anti-oxidants C+E as an extra help for healthy skin-it's good for sensitive types-with the fragrance non existent

Frankly-why anyone would regularly use sunscreen that kills off the coral reefs-as it it's doesn't harm human cells too...eludes us. That's why states like Hawaii and mass market private labels (CVS) are now reef safe mandate-ers.

Cult-y South Korean company, THANK YOU FARMER-has a Sun Project Water Sun Cream SPF 50+ PA+++-with a very hydrating moisturizing composition. In the mix-skin healers like Bamboo Water (minerals)-and many plant extracts-including aloe juice leaf, pennywort, mistletoe + hollyhock roots-to name a few.
On the sheer side-its white creamy texture-melts in quickly. Good for all types of skin-as an effective non-irritating  sunscreen-makeup foundation goes on easy afterwards.
Available here- Amazon, Anthropologie, Dermstore ...

Another S. Korean fav-huangjisoo ups the cleansing/peel pads regimen-with on the go help in several formulations..Mugwort soothing, Sakura radiance, and Sugar no-rinse cleansing (l-r). Handy for travelers-in a ten pack resealable bag-as well a jar container
FYI: developed by Dr. Huang-with an emphasis on natural-botanical ingredients (98%!!!!)-with no chemical preservatives used...huanjisoo is impressively VEGAN CERTFIED +EWG™ CERTIFIED, 

SweatWELLth is a fairly new company that offers  exercisers (and hot sweaty humans just sit-in' around) cooling options in very handy portable packaging. Pictured- the NO SWEAT Pre Workout Hydrating Mist-with anti-bacterial coconut oil, anti-oxidant olive fruit and hydrating rice extracts-smartly pitched as a sports drink for skin and hair (no alcohol). Use head to toe-pre workout (or post imo)...ideal for those who can't fit in a shower before having to appear pulled together (think going to a shared space workplace-or even after an outdoor endurance race that requires a long drive home).