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Cocktail Time Help: Drinkworks Drink Maker

Craft cocktails are trendy-and brings out the arty craftiness of bartenders-both amateur and pros.

Yet-since we live in a world of there's an app for everything-so of course there is a gadget for everything too.

Going the K-cup world way of sips-the shiny new machine Drinksworks™ drinkmaker (by the same company, Keuring) -has a similar drop in pod system-embedded with alcohol +flavors needed-for fav cocktails like Margaritas (Paradise collection), Gin and Tonic (Simply Refreshing Collection + Old Fashioned (Classic collection), wine (Wandering Vine collection), ciders- and even a collab with name brand brewery-for insta-beer too-Becks,  Stella Artois etc. (Brews collection).

With a touch of the button ease-mastering making booze goes automatic. Note-the water tank-is chilled to 37F degrees but is automatically adjusted- chilled correctly- depending on the pod recipe chosen-as is the drinks' size.

Because there is alcohol involved-the bemusing/confusing state liquor laws kick in-in terms of machine/ pod retail distribution.
For now-available for sale in Missouri + Florida...and pre-order in California.
Coasters, cleaning tablets (additional ones sold separately), CO2 cartridges, (additional replacement cartridges sold separately) and a replaceable carbon filter for the water tank (replacements sold separately)  included.

We saw this at a media event-that got attendees buzzing.

A fun house gift that borders on price-y, considering (around $399-cocktail pods $15.99/4 or $3.99 each)-or a self gift for those wishing to eliminate bottle clutter (we guess)- that is rolling out for deliveries. elsewhere- soon.

WHAT ELSE: Manual labor and the exact cocktail condiments needed to add to the aforementioned 'experience.'-think sliced-up lemon/limes, fresh mint sprigs (mojitos) olives (martinis)- ice cubes etc, and of course-the perfect salt for drinks' glasses.
We like...

TRUE SALT COCKTAIL SALT-all natural sea salt-ideally sized for margaritas and other cocktail drinks