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CBD/Hemp Oil Products

art Two

Believers here!
A "magic' balm made from won't get you high CBD oil (hemp plant), and other anti-inflammatory herbs like comfrey...soothed away tenderness in a rotator cuff, so PDQ  post application-curiosity about other CBD oil (or oil like) products gave way to eager tryouts.

 CV Sciences-a company making a slew of consumer products in their PlusCBD Oil™ division-from  Kentucky hemp plants grown from EU certified seeds...had reps at an Editor Showcase event for media -and gave out samples to try.

The company has a variety of delivery systems offerings... (best selling soft gels, capsules, sprays, balms, drops, pre measured applicators)... in three basic concentrations of raw oil that  " comprised of cannabidiolic acid, or CBDA. CBDA is an acidic cannabinoid, a naturally-occurring form of CBD that is produced directly in the plant and contains many beneficial properties distinct from CBD."

Quoting here-as it can get confusing...
CBD oil from hemp plants-has other pluses-including essential fatty acids, vitamin e, terpenes, plant sterols, etc. No wonder hemp oil from any part of the plant- in general- is considered a superfood.

 CV Sciences' product lineup -all non-GMO, gluten free-ranges from low "RAW" 90% plant material/10% Phytocannabinoids-medium "TOTAL PLANT COMPLEX" 85% plant material/15%Phytocannabinoids-to the highest concentration-fastest acting "GOLD" with a 75% plant material/25%Phytocabbanoids.

FYI-oil is extracted chemically free-using a CO2 process...aka decarboxylated CBD...that works faster than raw CBD (see below...)


Need help getting to sleep-the GOLD PlusCBD Oil™ soft gel capsules (15 mg CBD Oil/serving)-really did the trick of inducing deep sleep ease for us, rather quickly too.
Nope-probably won't conquer copious amounts of late night caffeine...but we tried it on an overnight flight-and it def aided attempts to more easily snooze into a different timezone and wakeup on the go pronto. Not much wooziness on waking-esp. after an espresso.

The +PlusCBD Oil™ capsules -with 10 MG hemp derived CBD oil strength...had an almost similar sleep help inducing effect for us.

Also tried-the GOLD PlusCBD Oil™ drops flavored with peppermint oil. As noted in Part One-a carrier oil is often used and in this cases it's olive oil. Putting the recommended 15 drops on and under our tongue-it was too oily for us-but we could see mixing in peppermint tea or filling a vegetal capsule-(readily available) instead. AND in a skin moisturizer-to smooth on sore spots.

Lastly-we've been slathering on the CDB Oil Balm Extra Strength
---to our elbows-post swim-not a lot needed to moisturize that area of ultra dehydrated skin. Quickly absorbed practically on contact-the soothing ingredients include skin care staple sweet almond oil. It's also good on worked out calves-pre-rolling.

CBD Oil from hemp-seems to fall into that deep black pool=y swirl of USA supplement/cosmetic market jurisdiction-in that purity levels just don't seem to be federally consumers and the curious need to read those labels---and find a company with products they can trust.

PART THREE: Hemp Seed Oil Products