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Beauty/Skin Care Game Change CBD

alk about 'fake news.'

We cannot remember any beauty/skincare health product ingredient with more misinformation than CBD hemp oil.


FYI: Hemp Seed Oil aka Cannabis Sativa Oil is made by pressing the oil out of the seeds from the basically  buzz less industrial hemp plants (little or no THC = tetrahydrocannabinol)---from a certain  kind of cannabis sativa plants.

Hemp seed oil has been a ok here-in edible food products like Manitoba Harvest's and moisturizing skincare products with hemp oil (The Body Shop for example)-and has been around for years.... but the hemp seed oil mothership-the industrial hemp plant-used to be illegal to grow here for the most part (like pilot programs under Prez Clinton),
Hemp seed oil had to be imported-from Canada for example.

But NOW growing industrial hemp plants by licensed growers with less than .03% THC- is legal in the USA (see Congress did do something else besides giveaway tax cuts ha ha ha-cause the Farm Bill was signed into law on 12-20-2018).

CBD derived from the industrial hemp plant is not psychoactive -but is loaded in cannabinoids. It is NOW legal here for personal consumption EXCEPT for certain kinds of products in MAINE (a state law shifting it to food ingredient-therefore allowed-is ongoing) -and added restrictions maybe-in Sarasota + North Carolina (whaaaaa????) CBD oil from hemp is made from the same plant as hempseed oil aka the buzz less (less than .03% THC)  industrial hemp plant ...but not from the seeds. Hence it's costlier.

AGAIN-CBD oil from hemp does not contain THC (the buzz properties).

The buzzy (THC) Cannaboid (like hash) oil is made from a different strain of the cannabis sativa plant than the aforementioned industrial hemp plant.

Both hemp seed oil and CBD oil from the industrial hemp plant that is further refined- typically mixed with a 'carrier' oil like coconut oil -are loaded with essential fatty acids, Gamma linoleic acid (GLA), magnesium, zinc, healthy omega 3s+6s etc-which are nourishing for skin/hair,

And both oils-can be of higher or lower quality-depending on extraction method used to get the oils outta the source material (CO2 being the best fast acting---see below for types).

But it's CBD hemp oil products that are super popular now...and loaded with cannabinoids that are renown for medicinal-therapeutic anti-inflammatory - pain soothing abilities- sleep help properties etc. Hemp seed oil products do not contain those therapeutic cannabinoids.

Like everything else- the marketing hype needs to be scrutinized ... for CBD hemp oil products to be effective- it has to be prominently featured on that ingredient list. Otherwise-it's akin to green washing-marketing buzz without truth.

CODA: Also making  difference/preference-if CBD hemp oil is raw -extracted without additional processing/filtration, filtered (that removes some benefits, apparently) decarboxylated (converts cannaboid CBDA into CBD -see Part 2), and CBD Isolate. For the CBD product 411 in detail-check this newsletter out.

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