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Wellness: New Skin/Haircare Luxuries

Part 3-In-Cosmetics

A lot of instagram ready looks are aided by topical temporary fixes akin to IRL Photoshop...

At In-Cosmetics...we saw plenty of raw materials/ingredients to help.

Sensient Cosmetics Technologies-had really teeny teeny teeny Natupure® fibers--they're made from hemp shives/sunflower hulls/ charcoal (!)...that when put in a foundation formula like their Reconstructing Fiber Foundation-provides insta smoothing canvas-wrinkle/pore perfection-acting as microscopic fillers-primer base like with oil/sweat absorption and mattifying properties-. Can be put into mascara and hair formulas too for added volume/length.
Company also displayed a soy infused foundation-non GMO sourced-because today's customer is def expecting multi-tasking serum -treatment-coverage...saving a step on skin care regimes.

A retail example of foundation+serum in one multi-tasking product=by Ilia-not a BB or CC btw
Most Fun

JUST IN TIME for Halloween-Day of the Dead celebrations.. the colors by SANDREAM Impact-a company just bought over.
high impact cosmetic pigments-bold  neons-are popular in Japan-used one at a time...on eyes/lips etc

Impressed with the 2019-2020 mood boards of color tones...including autumnal boysenberry, auburn -crimson reds- to pinks-claret mauve (Moonstruck), gleaming sparkling glittery holiday fest of a rich metallic like teal +rose gold (Foil Fiesta), and gender neutral palette- of icy pastels+nudes (Second Skin).

SANDREAM...a sales team member gave us the 411 on these still selling transluscent purples-pinks. Two of these lipsticks actually look a different color when applied...kinda of gold-ish-green-ish -perfect for that mermaid look. 
hair color potential!

The Innovation Company a French company-showed off the pearlescent pigments' possibilities dubbed Creastar® Kinkies that according to this ad sign-has "a dash of wool powder...softness providing a luxurious feel..." 
Sandream Impact-had  a nifty make your own moisturizing-healing plant based water spray station OLAY just launched a trio-we noticed. The healing powers of plants plus H2O-feels good though if applied over makeup and sunblock-wonder how much the dermis actually absorbs. We made a sample using ginseng and orchids...and use on bare skin right after a run. 
Munapsys™ by LIPOTRUE-is an ingredient for a topical frownie (muscle contraction) slayer...curious how well this works vs. injectables like Botox® ---(duration)-out on the market-and how this ingredient is going to be priced into retail products. We suspect-the high end.
Primitive earth's resilient stalwart plant inspires MossCellTec™'by Mibelle Biochemistry-a standout at In-Cosmetics. It is a biochemically derived-moss that is an anti-aging- skin healing-gene activating booster ingredient that is already in a few prestige skincare products.
This innovative company's KERAGuard for hair-takes a page from anti-pollution skincare-but for tresses...acting like anti-oxidant Vitamin C providing protection (as an additive) vs heat, UV stress, color fading and chemically treated hair., 


From SPC a trade read-we learned about one smart guy's  US Patent 9,801,799 granted on Halloween (October 31st) in 2017 (appropriately enough)-a topical application-solution that sinks into the dermis-and meaningfully dissolves TATTOO INK. 

We think the market potential is huge (thinking-a pharma-is going to license this) pretty much everyone under the age of 30 and at least half of the under 40 humans we see at our gym...are tattooed somewhere...and a lot of them are just plain (scary) ugly (IMO). 

Additionally-as skin textures loosen up and inks fade...even the art worthy ones-won't look so great.

AND people break-up, too!!!!