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TOTAL HOME Open House Highlights

Sure...why not rent a $1800/night Air BnB (or $30,000 month furnished) -stunningly restored 4 bedroom/2.5 bath-3 terraces(!!!)  former Synagogue-to make some observations  about rental/home insurance.

Chip Wade explained the Dwellbeing app-a digitalized check-list of home maintenance/safety to do's. Not 'Big Brother' -we were assured. We asked what was a wish for item in this tricked out kitchen section of the townhouse...and we totally agree-refrigerators and freezers at table top or bar height- ("undercounter appliances")with materials of choice-counter tops-something we scoured for and only found on commercial supply sites at pricey levels. Tip U Line. Perfect for urban dwellers who can get same day delivery, or walk for groceries, dine out and/or live alone and don't need spacious refrigerators!
Our hosts-the congenial married couple- Chip Wade of HGTV acclaim -and plenty of other ventures...including digital and a multi-tasking furniture collection,  Pauli Wade-a real estate broker in Atlanta area,  Liberty Mutual Insurance and partner Solaria Labs-and the cutest 'guy' in the room-Samson.
Dwellbeing maintenance tasks on schedule-made easy
Besides astonishment at such Manhattan rarities-as a hot tub for 8, terraces with sky views, 22 foot high ceilings on the main level, and a master bath the size of our entire dorm room at Columbia (which we shared)-but better tricked out with a bathtub to soak in for hours-and (sigh) THE rain shower...and the ginormous changes of that city section since our LES after hours club days...

The night clued us in on millennial insurance matters.

Liberty Mutual Insurance imo-smartly targets that massive demographic-where the older folks (30+) -are buying homes-coupled with the majorities' urban renter's lifestyle-(though multiple generations of families living together is def a growing phenom too),

Interesting-the company's backed Total Home Score-a new API based analytics service that can impart live-ability info like noise (Quiet Score), traffic -and vehicle speeds (a Road Safety Score), closeness to stores etc---for addresses throughout the USA.
Of course-knowledge is only as good as the data that feeds it-and we hope this handy website-grows to include the aforementioned Air BnB,

Popular pup!!! Notably-millennials buy pet insurance and insure their pricey tech devices like smartphones-which are covered by insurance plans offered by cellphone carriers where/when folks purchase them-but generally speaking-aren't purchasers of rental insurance. Even in the share economy where seasonal work clothes' wardrobes are now rarely beyond monthly commitments-the concept of permanent ownership-eluded...add up the total of what is in that rental...if needed to be replaced ..might surprise.
PLUS-at home entertainers-there's a liability risk there too-(damage to home, theft or injury). Welcome to life IRL