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SLEEP: The Final Frontier

We've never had trouble clocking in 9-10 hours sleep a day/night (naps included).
UNTIL (a) rare trip with a traveling companion who (b) insisted on Air BnB accommodations-a first for us.

Result (c) possibly a one and done-  based on the scratchy cheap sheets, overly scented (allergic) laundry detergent and the too soft of a mattress. 

(Plus side=no bed bugs).

Since our #1 college graduation gift was exceedingly high thread count Italian made, all cotton luxurious bed linens...(Frette, fyi)- we've ever underestimated the value/comfort ratio of where we spend a slew of time. And that would while sleeping.

Curiously, online sales of mattresses and sheets seems to have caught on. Yet sometimes seeing/feeling is believing-which is why BedGear's appearance at the NYC Marathon Expo-made such a terrific impression. 

Now this innovative 'performance' company, available at retailers across America,  just launched a 4 component mattress system, the M3 Launchpad.
begins with CHASSIS with Air-X® cover-foundation of the mattress that permits constant air flow...

imo the nifty part-choose 4 comfort levels (soft-medium soft-medium firm-firm)-customized-in different parts of the mattress too...with a move and replace option. Plus the coils can be recycled.
up top- a 4 inch comfort performance memory foam that contours/supports for constant pressure and a Ver-Tex® cover that dispenses body heat-yields a cool touch.

AN advanced way of thinking about what humans sleep on. (starts $1649)


Ref the aforementioned bed bugs...Eco Raider's plant based (geranium, cedar...) Bed Bug Killer spray is available in TSA sized bottle...