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Northern European Cheeses

There are many ways to experience foreign cultures without leaving your hometown...

Cheeses from northern Europe that are mild, meltable and appealing in tastes to all ages...continue to gobble up chilled out spaces in grocery stores across America...while online gourmet foods purveyors...deliver overnight.

User friendly- gluten free-and made from grass eating-free range cow's milk-Landana Organic Mild Dutch good semi-hard  option to introduce to those with limited cheese exposure. Mild nuttiness...great to melt for grilled cheese or eatn in small bites, straight up. 

The Netherland's Orange Windmill's Cablanca Goat Cheese -a white cheese made from 100% goat cheese is also a terrific grilled or eaten straight up...slices well and has that welcoming tangy taste of goat milk cheeses.


Open till October 7th...

Proof that pop-up stores haven't played out...consider dropping by tasty Norway's cheese fav  Jarlsberg® Pop-Up Store at the candy heavenly  Socketbit (aka the sweetest side of Scandinavia) located in NYC's West Village.

Jarlsberg -with roots go back to 1956, has an appealing nutty, mild flavor and large holes pairs well (duh!!!!) with wrapped, unwrapped and tempting chocolate candies, to name a few-from the four Scandic countries that are all free of trans-fats, artificial colors and are non-GMO. 

PLUS another NYC based sponsor of the Jarlsberg® Cheese Pop-Up Store is Alphabet City Beer Co. (ABC),  a craft beer store and bar in the East Village that provides New Yorkers with a place to expand their experiences with brews, broaden their palates, and "deepen their social circles..."