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COLOR Trends: Yellow.

Pale or bold, shades of yellow are back into year round everyday...stuff. Home and restaurant decor...
San Fran does not lack for fab places to eat-but Brazilian street food leaning Café De Casa-has a perpetually popular branch a mere five minutes walk from tourist packed Fisherman's Wharf...that's a brunch destination, for a reason. Bonus points-the laid back atmosphere, excellent strong coffee, and cooked to order crepes (so relax). Bright retro plates-a warm egg yolk yellow-ideal backdrop for food that is home made, fresh and delish/delight

... outerwear (we predict), footwear -beyond the darker tones...and as mainstreamers all NOW should know- courtesy of The Devil Wears Prada/ Yves Klein 'Blue' lecture...

it probably all started with fashion (not Pantone)...with inspirations from Vincent Van Gogh's glorious sunflowers.

Porsche 911 GT3 RS...bright yellow-debuted at NY Auto Show last spring. No worries-already sold out...!

Marcel Ostertag SS'19 bright sunny daffodil yellow-glamorous wear-with the ease of a caftan

Black Halo's well fitting sheaths (including the one worn by recently Royal Meghan) -break the black/white/royal blue mold-in a pale daisy yellow-Fall '18 collection
Summit by White Mountain's take on a ballet flat-shows how the yellow derivative-mustard color-can be just as much of a neutral-as gray..

ahh----the pale straw yellow shade-practically transparent  of good white wine. Pictured here-a delectable fragrant Pinot Grigio by Italy's Vie de Romans.
It has been awhile... we cannot remember when last-any iteration of yellow dominated kitchen the main gig-versus use as an accent color. The vintage appeal of a civilized cuppa served properly... the 100 years celebration of Royal Albert fine bone china-refs the 1990s tea sets. SO CIVILIZED.
Saffron is being hailed as an 'it' spice...but it's stand-by citrus lemon that we saw adding zest to many sweets at the most recent Fancy Food Show-including fav fruity candy-Hi-Chews (Japan), and creamy cannoli classics (lemon juice...pistachio fillings) by Paste Di Mandorla Siciliane (hard to find in the USA-try Amazon for their crisp almond biscotti)
pure authentic...Nielsen-Massey serves up California lemons-in a molasses thick Lemon Pure Paste add true citrus to any creamy filling, or straight up atop baked goods like scones. YUMMY.