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Coffee Favs

Sipped standing up, sitting down or on the is replacing tea worldwide as the buzz of choice...

Most recent fav java location
Bar Luce...Prada Foundazione recreates a 'typical' Milanese café aka diner par excellence-as imagined by none other than Wes Anderson-American film director. Perpetually packed-and a 'hang' for the neighborhood as well as contemporary conceptual art fans...

That hazel nut chocolate-vanilla (ish) spread/sauce hybrid Nutella... has its own menu section. Not conversant in Italian we just pointed at random options...pictured-fresh apple slices, real whipped cream, underneath the main attraction

Mugs we love

Entire collections of limited editions are devoted to java consumption. LOVE-Finland's Arabia's line of MOOMIN mugs featuring those whimsical creatures from the mega kid's children's book by Tove Jansson. Never heard of it? You will-it's being made into a Brit cast annimated series-set for release in 2019. 

Another reason why Nespresso is so much better than K-Cups...
Nespresso single use-excels in taste-and YES-those aluminum capsules are recyclable-hooray (get the free bag(s) with each order)...the metal  and coffee grounds-get divided up and made into various consumer goods like Victorinox Swiss Army knives. (24 cups!!!!)

Ready To Drink-booming beverage category

Cold Brew-is rich smooth coffee -made by a sllloooowwwww cold water drip process. Califia Farms Nitro Cold Brew is a primo version -available in 3 flavors. The coffee beans-combo of direct sourced Colombian and Central American actually get infused with nitrogen that creates tiny bubbles for creamy mouth feel-slightly sweet -def less acidic taste.
Espresso+Macchiato-machine=most wanted kitchen appliance