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Van Life- Sleep Essentials-Bedgear

In the late 80s- NYC Marathons pre-race had 20,000+ humans-meandering around - hanging out in  basic tents for about 2 hours-eventually set-off in one massive start post the Achilles hand-cycles-wheelchair + pros. There were no timing chips- the 'gun time' was your time.

The night prior-some slept on semi-stiff cotton-poly sheets- or all cotton ones-fabrics that made up a lot of runner's outfits too.
Now-  over 51,000 NYC Marathon racers wearing textile performance attire + race bibs+accurate timing chips- still get to Staten Island crazy early.

But the assigned race start waves (8!!!) are staggered  over 2 ½ hours-now added to the 2 plus hours of hanging around.

SO it didn't exactly surprise us- that  the Bedgear Performance-a company that makes smart tech sleep products-is a NYC marathon sponsor (solicited, too).

Those long waits before the pace starts to pick up-practically begs for a nap!

Some help for wiry racers -and others... the entire line-up of Bedgear® sleeping essentials:
Probably can't haul a mattress to the start area of any big race ... but for van beds-or camping out zzzzs -there are lightweight portable options that enhance sleep-so much so-it actually might surprise.

Top Pick-Bedgear's temperature regulating bedding meaningful makes a difference-keeping sleepers cool-dryer- important for warm weather travel in a van, draped over camping cot, or stay vacations at home.

Sets of sheets+pillowcase...are made from  durable, soft DriTec -a high performance fabric -moisture wicking, air flow cooling,  ez clean-anti-microbial...a fav textile for various athlete- casual attire too...or luxurious Ver-Tex® silky + breathable performance sheets -which dissipates excess heat.

Color  and size options available-in flat or seamless fitted with Powerband® for secure gripping, and pillow cases with Air-X® ventilated panels-for comfort-w/ stretchy inside bands  hold the actual pillow in place. NICE.

Another amazing sleep aid...for environments where there's no indoor central air or steady heat  available-despite portable power options...are Bedgear's primo temperature regulating pillows (48+ choices) made from the aforementioned performance breathable fabrics- and available in many different shapes for all sizes and sleep styles
the Galaxy pillows pictured in the back- are in grey cool touch Ver-tex® fabric covering-for back or medium types ( Galaxy 2.0 $199)-stomach or small types (Galaxy 1.0 $199). Dual chamber construction -Boost® foam crown and Boost® foam blend assures even support with no rebound. Very lightweight too.

For example-a now fav sleep aid supreme even for a non-pillow 'hot' sleepers like the Solar performance pillow ($229)-stuffed with hypoallergenic, breathable-soft Boost® foam -shaped on one side with a React® crown construction-that perfectly elevates-contours and cradles our knees for a restful sleep.

It's Ver-Tex 6.1 cover is seriously soft- cool to the touch-with a cover-that's removable and washable. Honestly, the premium Solar pillow difference is so obviously better than what we had-it qualifies as a must-have piece of exercise equipment-like our foam roller.

FYI-there are specific Solar performance pillows for stomach-side-back... small- big body types -for ultimate neck/head support...for the majority of people that do sleep with a pillow.

Another plus-there's an inside filter layer -that prevents danders and allergens from entering the core-a reason many other pillows get tossed -or are supposed to be.

WHAT ELSE:-mattresses, protectors/toppers, backrests, blankets, kid + baby sizes,