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Savory spices-from distinctive fiery to sweet n' tangy-flavor BBQ sauces and the latest  popular crunchy snacks.
New-Top Picks To Fire Up Palates:

The Ready Made:

Traina Food based in sunny California-  expands their buzz worthy products -building on their category reinvented sun dried tomato catsups and fresh fruit product offerings with---so smart--- two new backyard ready BBQ sauces-that easily elevate practically anything one can grill by opening a cap and squeezing.
Rich in real sun dried fruit -the sauces- are perfectly workable in thickish texture-too- can be dripped or brushed on all meats -including indulgent ribs + pulled pork-or fruits liked sliced pineapples. Add a tsp or two- to olive oil for grilled fish, kabobs or veg staple tofu. Our fav add in/on tho- is to pump up fresh corn on the cob made on the grill, naturally-or binge night staple popped corn -air popped indoors - by adding a tbsp to melted butter to drizzle on top. Yummy and easy.
  The Sun Dried Plum=has a spicy tomato base-with molasses, vinegar, garlic and lush tart sun dried plum flavors...while the indulgent tangy Sun Dried Apricot BBQ Sauce is tomato-y apricot version - sweetened up with brown sugar-and remind us of Carolina BBQ at its best. Both= kosher, gluten-free, vegan and made without the use of yucky corn syrup. Added bonus with 50 or 60 calories per 2 tbsp serving -respectively, it's a low calorie addition too guarantee bold flavor to a lot of other eats.  We even added  2 tsp to our fail safe salad+cole slaw dressing (the low-fat mayonnaise and vinegar/oil ones, both)--just to make healthy crunchy vegetables even more summer festive.   
Healthy Heat-Crunchy Snacks:

No wonder bigger grocery stores no longer separate the healthier crunchy chips from the typical CPG ones-as American consumers no longer consider addictive snacks made from protein packed sources like lentil/chickbean beans-to be exotic-therefore sidelined in the Natural Foods aisles.
 Case in point-are these practically perfectly square shaped Baked Lentil Chips in real heat chipotle  flavor-that even the cat could not resist. Authentic savory spice that can cause a bit of a sweat if one is not used to the heat...these delectable somewhat chip/cracker hybrids are worthy addition by Saffron Road-a food company that purveys a slew of healthy eats inspired by the Silk Road cuisines-wonderfully reinterpreted for global fusion palates.
Both lentil, chickpea and non-gmo potatoes are the crunchy backbone of these peppery sweet chips,,,with smoky savory hints of spices, onion, garlic and interesting -a tiny tiny bit of coffee and tomato accents too. Fabulous -really-and nice-actually filling...with 4 grams of protein, 3 grams of dietary fiber-and 120 calories per 20 chip serving.
We ate straight of the bag but these chips would go great with a soothing cool creamy yogurt or sour cream based dips...for interesting texture contrast. Actually-with cut up fresh veggies- those three qualify as a meal.  4 other flavors.

As equally delectable-in the same hot spicy meter category, Saffron Roads new Chicken Crisps are just as delicious.The crisps differ in shape, however and are more sized like traditional taco chips- with a similar thickness too. Taste wise -the Chili Lime baked chickpeas/sweet potatoes/green lentil beans/yellow split pea mash-up (see from the pic-the  ingredients-there are also 3 other flavors.) -were way better than those weird ingredients' mass market versions- so much so-it's almost hard to believe all those beans deliver THIS incredible chip texture/taste-if one is new to this snack category,
Flavor wise-the chili pepper and tangy lime juice is right there-and paired with garlic -results in bold burstin'  savory  crunchy bites. Like the aforementioned...the 4 grams protein/serving/120 calories-is satisfying filling-but still inhale-able. You've been warned. HA HA.
 No wonder the SAFFRON ROAD tag line is "JOURNEY TO BETTER."

FYI: Saffron Road foods-snacks-are widely distributed-including AMAZON, Whole Foods, Markets, and  even some convenience stores like 7-Eleven.