Monday, May 28, 2018

The Protein Snacks of Summer

Packin' The Protein - From Crunchy Savory Sweet to Thirst Quenching

worthy indulgent subs for the nutrition free-but calorie loaded alternatives  
Crackers that needs no company=Norway's Jarlsberg Cheese Crisps (mild nuttyish-cow's milk cheese added to semolina flour crisps)...crunchy snacks with the added protein pop of 5 grams per 120 calorie serving. Available in re-sealable bags-but why bother---shareable with all. We tried the mildly spiced up chipotle pepper flavor-adds interest and a tad heat. 
Crunchmaster mashes up the nutrition rich dessert cracker thins category-or invents it with these protein plus crisp sweetish snacks that get added plant based protein mixed in (8 grams per serving). Delicious and devour able...soon available in "Thin' favs Dark Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Cherry-or Milk Chocolate versions (8 grams plant based per serving), and cracker flavors- real deal Toasted Coconut (5 grams plant based protein/serving)- joining BBQ, roasted garlic and sea salt.
Gluten free, kosher, vegan, non-GMO and free of artificial flavors/colors... plus 17 whole grain grams serving/130 calorie.

our fav...exotic chai-w/luscious chocolate.
Saffron Road roasted crunchy chickpeas- salty snacks take their delicious texture satisfying crunchiness and laden on rich Fair Trade sourced dark chocolate-straight up or chai spiced, and sweet vanilla inflected salty caramel-or roasted honey coatings.
Each are truly yummy-and imo-appeal to younger kids who might not like spicier versions of these bites.
All treats, available in re-sealable bags- are naturally protein packed (3-4 grams protein/130 calories serving) - gluten free, non-GMO, certified Halal, Kosher-and somewhat filling too-great option to snack on between meals when wanting to curb hunger pains. Widely available...

As one can see-IRL chickpeas look just like the picture on the package!

Honey Roasted-with honey+sea salt
The 411...Chocolate version-is a inhale-able sweet salty mix-up

  • Rachel Pauls Foods are low FODMAP...gluten free, non-GMO-meaning non irritating for those plagued by certain sensitivity GI issues. The HAPPY BARS-protein (8 grams) ...come in 5 appealing flavors-but the Orange Chocolate Ecstasy=our personal fav! Good for snacks...or in our case-post workout help when we're too lazy for anything else...this particular flavor is a teeny tiny tad fragrant spicy-citrus with semi-sweet chocolate chips, whole grain brown rice protein, almonds, organic oats, organic flax seed -vanilla, salt, & orange oil in the mix. 
Protein2O, -thirst quenching -fruity tasting pumped up water-reminded us of now sold everywhere low calorie BAI-which we also tasted (first) at a media event-and figured some big company would eventually takeover (and did- Dr. Pepper Snapple ). Ditto here. For thirsty consumers wanting more than a water based anti-oxidants blast-and worthy alternative to high calorie smoothies...these unique whey protein isolate added waters-deliver only 60 calories-AND 15 grams of protein per bottle-AND with natural flavors too. (Sweetened up with sucralose-which is what Splenda is).
The 9 flavors lean Peach Mango, Acai Blueberry Pomegranate, Dragonfruit Blackberry, Kawaiola Coconut-as well as-Classic Lemonade, Mixed Berry, and Tropical Coconut. Sam's Club, Target,  carries it as well as Walmart, CVS-Rite-Aid stores,

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Next Year's Beauty+Skin Savers...

Plus Home Scent Inspirations...

Part 3

Some Themes from NYSCC Suppliers Day(s)

Sustainable Sourcing-Of Nature

Akin to the food industry-consumer demands for supply chain transparency, fair labor wages + eliminating child labor, earth concerns and production realities on the finite supplies from Mother Nature (aka major CPG cocoa sourcing initiatives )...

KUNCAI-conjures up a synthetic MICA for "effect pigment end use" vs destroying the earth (Brazil, India) and lives by mining for it-to supply shiny metallics for industries varying from cosmetics (mica-pearlescence qualities- is a staple ingredient in 'natural'mineral based makeup)--to automobile industry's car paints. That big crystal looking MICA is synthetic!!!!  
Many companies-claimed ethical sourcing pictured above, Sudarshan   Ironic that mineral makeup which is booming demand-for its natural composition...can be sourced toxically-tragically, fatally. 

Essential Oils and Natural Alternatives to Silicone, PEG, Parabens are in great demand....

all ready for some make-up/cosmetic/beauty brand to slap their own label on it...Jarplex™ Mur by JarChem -funny enough-had products we use-to demonstrate its all natural pink makeup removers effectiveness.. FYI-didn't leave much of an oily finish-quickly absorbed-we think this product would be awesome for single use-on-the go-makeup touch up purposes as well as wiping the whole face off and calling it a day (night).
Naturex's NAT oleis™botanical oils (used in its new moisturizing Hydranellys-using extract from Chinese medicinal plant Selaginella pulvinata) ...and Protection Botanical's floViva essentials oils-(fyi- essential oils are derived from a distillation process from underlying plant etc)...saw loads of attendee interest. Both companies stressed high quality-traceability and sustainable sourcing .

Shea and cocoa butter-as is or as a base for=STILL super popular moisturizers in skin and hair care.
press a push button-and a billowing puff of scented 'smoke' was emitted from each trophy displayed creature...

 Orchidia's "story-telling through fragrance" inspiration for exotic blends imo-destined for home scents...are mythical creatures-def. go beyond Puff The Magic Dragon--including the Hungarian Horntail-of Harry Potter fame.

Beowolf fragrance -Silk Road spices-smoky-woodsy -with lavender

Science+Efficacy Re-Interpret Nature's Offerings for Multi-Taskers
There were many many many-ingredient launches at NYSCC Supplier Day(s)- multi taskers with potential personalization qualities. We focused on skincare and hair anti agers-aimed at encouraging healthy microbiota of skin, free radical control, stimulating new cells for youthful skin-combating effects of pollution, stress, unhealthy lifestyles-diets, disruptions of biologic clock -a few companies cited Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine-that recognized the molecular mechanisms controlling circadian rhythm of (2017) etc.

Intrigued us:
New Patented ingredients by...
--- Lucas Meyer Cosmetics GREYVERSE contains the first anti-gray hair biometric peptide
 ---a bunch of new-matched up bioactives, skincare peptides-prevention and repair formulations-by many companies...including Replexium-BASF,  Sytheon Ltd. and Tego Pep Up by Evonik (we tried-they had a bunch of cool travel size samples)
---a worthy sub for Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers????-Topically applied PrimalHyal™  Ultrafiller by Givaudan-penetrates down to the skin's second layer (epidermis) reducing the appearance of wrinkles in 1-6 hours-apparently for months.
AND---totally <3 p="" this...="">
FUUUNNNN! CRODA Moonshine Effects Pigments-"...for cosmetic creations out of this world"---wide range of bold colors to be blended into cosmetics and hair dye formulas...their staff in fact rocked the potential with  Astral Effect and Effect Series shimmery-sparkly steaks in tresses.   

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Pro Aging-Practices-Procedures

Part 2


"Get Your Glow On"  a desired mission condition in global cultures -universally translates into dewy-plump (youthful), even tone-non-spotty, healthy looking-I woke up like this selfie worthy skin.

Along with products with 'clean' ingredients, and the quest to combat signs of aging courtesy of-stress, lack of sleep-social media jet lag (yes a thing-tv binging, Instagram addiction-blue light screen savagery), environmental pollution (urban dwellers especially), poor eating-living habits-UVA-UVB sun exposure, smoking, and genetics -the 'Glow On' derma goals are the guiding light direction of many new treatments.

We strongly feel that ditching some of the insane pricey creams/lotions that might take months to work  on the upper epidermis layer of the skin's appearance- and opting for one or two- non-ablative/or mildly ablative laser treatments with real positive visible results immediately and over a few month's time-  treating even the lower dermis 2nd skin layer (the 411) ...AND THEN using effective-inexpensive skincare products (sunblock especially-plus buzzy products with retinoids, peptides, anti-oxidants)-in air-tight packaging (no open jars)-plus good living habits...
-are the most value pro-aging neck-up ways to turn back the clock a decade or so.
Back of hands and neck/decollete are popular treatment areas too.  FYI-skin is usually numbed up prior-but at this event-we just had the back of our hands done fairly aggressive...without. Felt like rubber band zaps...tolerable.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Practices of PRO-AGING Pros


Some the latest ingredients and trends in skincare, healthy hair and best beauty bets-from the NY Society of Cosmetic Chemists (Javits Convention Center) + Halo by Sciton, Alastin, GlamSquad NY Media Presentation 

 It's always interesting (to us) reflect back on what's remembered from the slew of information and new products soaked up at  NYSCC Supplier Days. 

Attended by loads of skincare+ cosmetic brands looking for the next 'it' ingredients, this two day affair gets very little mainstream press-but imo-is a good indicator of current trends and future skin/hair/beauty biz products. 
And the major issues of companies- including regulations/compliances

Therefore- standing out the most -was learning that not only does the FDA practically do zilch with regards to banning chemicals in the afore mentioned cosmetic product categories...(10 vs EU's ban of  1700 chemicals plus-and another 100 or so not yet reviewed chemicals reviewed by member countries annually-including- this year- Titanium Oxide-often used physical sunblock we slather on-fyi don't inhale it )...but also that the FDA does not legally require-demand manufacturer cosmetic recalls like the EU counterpart does...but issues warning letters (hello legal precedent-class action lawsuits)... and monitors said "voluntary' recalls...apparently.

No wonder USA consumers clamoring for simpler-'natural'-organic ingredients, smart ingredient labels (like P&Gs SmartLabel™)-and in general-the real 411 on production+sustainability methods of manufacturing. Pretty obvs- consumers have learned to not totally rely on Federal government for personal safety-protection. 

Part Two

Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Best+Fastest Makeover

It's Not What You Think...
No -we're not talking $ plastic surgery-but a much easier+wallet friendly way-to turn back the clock-5-15 years(+) for something  maybe more important than your selfie enhancement procedure--- customizing a fav pair of shoes.

A new lease on life-retrofit...of any footwear (just about) healing required-for those Sex In The City era pumps,  Burning Man-runway worthy comfort sandals,  moto boots that have lost their grrrrr, athletic boots worn of their functional pop...
and for even added snazzy swagger of drab dress shoes for truly personalized work-to-play style. 

VIBRAMs SOLE FACTOR Program and current tour is the solution.

Simple to Follow Custom Repair Steps: peruse the Vibram outsole option types-available online...and mail or bring in a pair to one of the many designated cobblers-available coast to coast-who can add serious sass (eye-candy patterns -colors) serious grip (the amazing ice clutching Arctic Grip)... AND practically plush cushioning... to most kinds of kicks.

Monday, May 14, 2018


Yup-even the hair brush-born over a millennium plus ago-gets a re-boot with a fab scalp hugging curve design for a better untangling of wet or dry tresses.

Available online. and at salons-including co-leading light- Angelo David (Pisacreta) Salon -created with Jacob Guttman of Creative Tools 
Affordable+ re-usable for stressed out-environmentally harassed scalps-now delivered---The FLEX BRUSH promotes healthy hair growth with its cool curved shape that massages all sizes of scalps, and takes the knots out of all hair types -from the fine to thick- real or otherwise (like wigs, RHO...worthy extensions, etc).
PLUS the super lightweight, vented design- enhances air flow from blow dryers.
Also a great tool for dry brushing imo-...helps shed dry skin cells to smooth+brighten- and reportedly improve the body's lymphatic systems...and is perfect pet brush for shedding felines/canines.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Sharp Looking Points!

There's something about pointy toe shoes-the pictured below-not the pictured above-that make these easy wear slip-ons- comfy citified cool!

top pick-major gushing for these Piper silver metallic leather mule-sandal hybrids-with a manageable 2" sexy heel. $199 Wear these beauties with just about any summery outfit. Summit White Mountain

These could be THE summer shoe staple-for city streets...Summit's KADE-has rather sensuous v-cut on the upper-adds major serious chic to these flat-ish (1.5" heel) pointy toe shoes -in black, silver or platinum-made in Italy too! $159

Get crafty -Pikolinos adds beautiful embroidered details...on the BARI leather slingback design-with all day comfy cushion liner. $170 


Friendly food takes on savory flavors-have broad appeal-with just enough detectable/delicious zing for mild to fiery palates.

Sabra hummus goes great with a lot-like crunchy chips, crackers, hunks of bread, and cut-up veggies-though perhaps not pen caps.
Hummus-a chickpea based dip- re-invented as an All-American staple from its Tahini--Mid-East heritage-IMO-courtesy of Sabra...when their hummus landed in refrigerator aisles back in the first 21st century decade. Now part of the "Pepsi generation' -it's flavorful varieties are available in assorted sizes-including snack sizes with pretzels-practically everywhere food is sold.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Savory spices-from distinctive fiery to sweet n' tangy-flavor BBQ sauces and the latest  popular crunchy snacks.
New-Top Picks To Fire Up Palates:

Friday, May 4, 2018

TBar Steak and Lounge: Tasty Upscale Casual on UES

In the past-NYC's 'it' steak restaurants catered to power players - wearing power suits - surrounded by power dark wood panels- located (mostly) in power zipcodes. To start ...  power drinks or bottles power label wines or power scotches, followed by power (humongous) portions for power appetites...

Yada yada yada.

Now-preferred steakhouse dining- is lower key- welcoming-in  local spots. Lighter interiors   comfortably seat whatever attired eaters - often with kids in tow-at earlier hours. 
Food wise- a broader range of menu printed options including iconic crowd-pleasers -  satiably satisfying tastebuds craving both the namesake familiar (well rendered)- to more global (fusion) selections.
picture-by TBSL

Paleo please???

Today's diverse diets+eating 'rituals' from functional healthy free of  fare- to shareable portions for  hungry nibblers and grazing snackers who skip the traditional 2-3 course meal...are a dining out given.

Able to deliciously please all of THAT-is the UES neighborhood destination, TBar Steak and Lounge...helmed by Chef Ben Zwicker- that gets the modern steakhouse part of its claim to fame just right -but much more.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Van Life- Sleep Essentials-Bedgear

In the late 80s- NYC Marathons pre-race had 20,000+ humans-meandering around - hanging out in  basic tents for about 2 hours-eventually set-off in one massive start post the Achilles hand-cycles-wheelchair + pros. There were no timing chips- the 'gun time' was your time.

The night prior-some slept on semi-stiff cotton-poly sheets- or all cotton ones-fabrics that made up a lot of runner's outfits too.
Now-  over 51,000 NYC Marathon racers wearing textile performance attire + race bibs+accurate timing chips- still get to Staten Island crazy early.

But the assigned race start waves (8!!!) are staggered  over 2 ½ hours-now added to the 2 plus hours of hanging around.

SO it didn't exactly surprise us- that  the Bedgear Performance-a company that makes smart tech sleep products-is a NYC marathon sponsor (solicited, too).

Those long waits before the pace starts to pick up-practically begs for a nap!

Some help for wiry racers -and others... the entire line-up of Bedgear® sleeping essentials:
Probably can't haul a mattress to the start area of any big race ... but for van beds-or camping out zzzzs -there are lightweight portable options that enhance sleep-so much so-it actually might surprise.