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TRIED AND TRUE: Superfoods

Best Protein Powders+Drinks 

Convenient and a way for those on special diets (vegan, carb avoiders etc) to meet their protein needs w/o cooking-it's no wonder that protein powders and drinks have gotten so popular the past few years.
Our favs...

Garden of Life -Vegan, USDA Organic Protein Powder (chocolate) so good-we don't even know why other brands bother to launch their own. Seriously this powder tasting-cleanest ingredients, protein + nutrition loaded -multiple 3rd party verified (for no banned substances-plus nutrition content)---  by every major independent third party -like NSF.
No wonder it's a best seller in stores -  Amazon.

AMAZON delivered- Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein-complete protein-22 grams/serving plus loads fat soluble vitamins-aka bio-available. Tastes great-we even mix up with just few tbsps water and use thick syrupy mix as a dip for fruit-like strawberries and fav carb pretzels.. 
The company itself was recently gobbled up by Nestle. Fingers crossed that international giant doesn't mess up its new kid's winning formulas.

For ready to gulp-especially timely after a major workout when post nap recouping isn't possible...we love the caffeine blessed OWYN. The coffee flavor is from real cold brew-genius fusion of our daily must haves. A HEALTHY liquid savior for modern life.
FYI-Only What You Need (get it?)

12 ounce bottle-20 grams protein from pea protein+180 calories-plus with organic kale, broccoli, spinach,  NON-GMO verified, gluten free-and free of 8 major allergens. Kosher too. And with 535 mg Omega 3s and only 4 grams sugar serving-lot lower than dairy equivalents. Buzz potential=one cup of coffee.
For traveling..."Naked Nutrition" packs of  whey protein and vegan protein -from pea and brown rice sources- are convenient-and must haves for pre-race meals when we don't want to risk food poisoning after all that training.

Naked Whey powder-is from grass fed cows, zero additives. 25 grams protein+muscle repairing 5.9 grams BCAAs. Cold processed w/ clean manufacturing process (no acid/ bleach!!!). The Brown rice version-is decently good-and this is a new to us protein source. 25 grams of protein/4.9 grams of BCAAs. artificial additives, sweeteners, flavors or colors. Ideal for lactose intolerant or sensitive GI types can get that way when on the road.
We all can't fly in a personal USA idol world champ-most awarded skier ever-Olympic bound Lindsay Vonn. A smart woman too-she is taking along personal chef-Dan Churchill-to South Korea.
We got to meet this cooking talent...last week---when he crafted the most delicious dairy free dishes-at an event sponsored by the California Almond Board.
Tom Brady worthy eats---literally couldn't believe how delicious all this was...with deft use of almond milk and coconut oil as healthy alternatives to the usual---and all gluten free too.

BONUS-meeting nutritional energy needs of athletes--- and not too difficult to make. WOW
one pan breakfast banana cake

Creamy dairy free Pesto Pasta
Tequila counts as Paleo friendly...right? The Staycation cocktail

No Bake Almond Cheesecake-heavenly-we had to leave the event or would have eaten another serving (or ten)
 ALL RECIPES available on the ALMOND BOARD website and also Churchill's website though it's better when he does the cooking (IMO).