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Valentine's Day-just snuck up on us----with all the DRAMA + healthy Olympics' distractions.
Grab a fast last minute  chocolate treat-that will amaze-and will be worthy of sweethearts across America-aka- the yummy chewy melt in mouth gourmet candy - by a fairly new division of a giant  candy company (Sunrise Confections)-Sweet Valley Organics.
We couldn't believe how good these are...Sweet Valley Organics uses Fair Trade, non-GMO-USDA Certified Organic chocolates with a pleasing creamy buttery taste authentic dark chocolate...with hints of vanilla and organic naturally ripe bananas. IMO-who ever came up with this deserves a raise. That Good.
  Online $5.90/per 4oz. 4 servings per pouch-120 calories.
We say-be real-count on eating half-delivering 240 calories like those dreck awful mass market chocolate bars that pass for 'chocolate'  in this country...(just saying)
Considering we're not banana fans (though should be considering all the endurance sports we do)---these scrumptious USDA ORGANIC dark chocolate covered fruit candy bites Tender Bananas completely wowed us.

Available in resealable pouches-widely available too...each piece is two bites sized (imo)-meaning the size of big huge chocolate covered almond equivalents.

Needless to say-we are looking forward to devouring the other Sweet Valley Organics fruity/nut selections drenched in USDA Organic Dark Chocolate-the heart healthy Tart Cherries, Sea Salt Caramel Cashews, Praline Cinnamon Pecans, and Sea Salt Toffee Almonds.

Perfect hiking/biking/every day 'food' too-pick up a few pouches...for future reference. Just in case.