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FANCY FLATBREADS-Primizie Reinvents w/ Bold Flavors

Olympic viewing party gives way to the March Oscars' soirées -where the food bites get elevated ... right alongside those glam Red Carpet outfits.
Suggestions for a fancy finger food feast?
We were all set to conjure up appetizing eats that are more sophisticated than sporty pizza deliveries...

Simply Salted have a buttery sunflower oil-lick your fingers worthy crispiness-salted with real deal Set Gris-French Velvet  Grey Sea Salt  -delicate yet sturdy enough toehold up creamy thickish dips like hummus. Honestly thoughts is our prime picks as potato chip slayer... 

But then we finally opened up samples of new to us Primizie flavored flatbread crunchy snacks...and immediately 1) understood why they aren't packaged in resealable bags-cause each of the flavors tried----buttery crisp Simply Salt, grilled crunchy Green Harvest-fragrantly lightly spiced, and cracker like textured Rustic Beet---are so delicious-worthy of swapping out for not only typical crackers-crusty bread-bruchetta basics---but also-really tastier than snack addictive pleasers like potato chips ...there won't be any left to save for next time...

Rethink your non-crumble worthy crisps. With sprouted caraway seeds -in crispy solid triangle shapes ---the  Rustic Beet flatbread flavor-has a bit of a sweet taste-with a touch of cane sugar, molasses and real deal beets-plus organic grains (amaranth, quinoa, )..making them substantial than crackers. IMO, slightly drier in texture than the Simply Salt-so good base for wetter toppings like bruschetta fav- chopped+seasoned fresh tomato/basil. 


 2) we simultaneously regretted giving away the Primizie smoked Gouda +Garlic sample received...geez what were we thinking? AKA had no idea these were so good...

If prior conceptions of flatbreads veered towards flavor-less...though thinner than typical cracker and thus ideal accompanied by dips, spreads, cheeses... and toppings...our notion of flatbreads' potential as its own worthy category are now big bowl begging -chef created/made Primizie Crisps. 
With 11 crackers=per serving- having 2 grains dietary fiber (8%) and 6% iron  130 calories)-the GREEN HARVEST  offer up a bit of nutrition along with the bursting with flavor crispy bites. Organic ingredients-like millet, caraway +poppy seeds, plus winning veggies like spinach, kale, + broccoli somehow in the whole grains base-make for a rather impressive sophisticated cracker-like blend-that expands the boundaries of what flatbread is.  

Fingers crossed one can buy these online or at COSTCO in bulk sizes-bigger than currently available 4.5oz we got.
... Just saying.

BONUS: Inspired by Italy-including being non-GMO certified+ gluten free, no preservatives, cholesterol free, Kosher, and Vegan.