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Asian Lunar New Year Gift ?-SOLVED

La Tourangelle ARTISAN OILS new Asian Oil Trio
A new moon always greets Chinese New Year-and this go round-celebrating the Earth Dog.
 Another reason to gather- and celebrate all things Asian---  binge watching  the fun South Korean Olympics=happy occasions. 
beautifully packaged-just tie a ribbon on
The perfect host gift for enthusiastic home chefs-or an easy way FOR YOU to speed dial the subtle to boldly fiery flavors of the cuisines from that part of the planet are the deliciously fresh, aromatic Asian Inspiration trio  of 3 infused oils ($16.97) by the premier now California based oil mill -aka masters of,,.La Tourangelle.

Think all 'fancy' oils are similar. Nope----even non-gourmet types can smell the freshness difference-first whiff. And the texture is lighter...too. No doubt-fresh quality means healthier (higher unsaturated fat levels-lower saturated fat levels). 

Our first go to...the golden brown Toasted Sesame Oil-way more complex style for medium heat tastes- for this lightly roasted oil=expeller pressed and a revelation of subtle rich nutty flavor vs that regular ole' 'thick' grocery store shelf stable version. 

Recipes abound for Toasted Sesame Oil -like game day fav Sticky Sesame Chicken Wings or practically iconic peanut sesame seed noodle sauce.
For a quicker munchy (who wants to miss a triple axel???)-this  play on the dip a hunk of crunchy chewy bread into nutty olive oil-is cobbled together in a minute-a bowl of those addictive  thin crispy Asian Rice crackers paired with a Peanut Sesame Oil  resembles the sauce

- a mash-up of 1 tbsp of La Torangelle Toasted Sesame Seed oil swished with 3 tbsp peanut butter, 2-3 tsps soy sauce, 1-2 tsps rice wine vinegar, 1-2 tsp honey (or more if you lean sweet) and a dash of ginger- topped with few chopped peanuts/dried red pepper flakes. 
Good with raw veggies too-or try those with the Toasted Sesame Oil Orange and Lime Vinaigrette topped with inhale-able chow mien noodles-some shredded cabbage.


The Pan Asian Stir Fry Oil hastens the prep time for tasty Asian dishes-via a splash or drizzle of this bold aroma- light yellowish color oil- added to sautéed meats, veggies, noodles or rice. 
Insta-dish :-)...composed of heart healthy monounsaturated fat blessed, safflower oil- gets it medium high heat kicks from onion-garlic-ginger.
The earthy Thai Wok Oil-took us back to a fav vacay in bustling Bangkok...with exotic hints of Thai basil (more licorice-minty palate pleasing flavor)-and citrus-y-garlic-y lemongrass- that for some reason-we never used when back in the lower 48. 
Well now we do :-).
Like the aforementioned-safflower oil is the 'base' oil.

Most Wanted Party Food? 
One Dish bowls...easily the trendiest  game day main eat- (and local restaurant most wanted dish)-use this Thai Wok Oil  for Thai Coconut Chicken Soup with fresh cilantro. Guaranteed - a cold weather temp Winter Olympics crowd pleaser.

BONUS POINTS: ALL La Tourangelle Artisan Oils are Non-GMO and packaged in BPA free  packaging. 

FYI: All oils should be stored away from light to preserve quality and freshness...another plus for La Tourangelle infused oils...the pretty tins take up less shelf space vs individual spices we always forget to toss pass their use-by dates.