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Nutritious Noshing

Tips for feeding (and filling) a crowd-without time away from the big screen.

Part One:

The Main Event=Nachos Inspired.
Swamp usual not so great for you tortilla chips...(despite catchy ads)...opting for just as equally crunchy tasty -and widely availablebaked lentil bean chips (protein/high fiber) loaded versions- by Saffron Foods to pair with fav dips. Flavor options sea salt or cracked pepper-in particular...go great with any home made or store bought salsa, guacamole, or hummus. 

Better + only a tad more effort-use the contents of a 4oz bag-as a bottom layer for melt-in-your mouth nachos- underneath a layer(s) of shredded cheese-topped off with thinly sliced up fresh veggies (peppers, onions, eggplant)...or drained (patted/dried) corn, black beans, jalapeno-pimento slices in pre-heated grill/oven (around 400º) ---till cheese gooey melted. 
EASY+FASTER than waiting for pizza delivery+FILLING.

FYI-also from this Halah certified "world cuisine" food company-and FINALLY found at food retailers-coast to coast- are innovative/gourmet entreés -stocked in the frozen foods section. We say-pick up a few and heat/serve on a platter...def. easier and potentially way better than anything anyone can conjure up!

Further Fan Fare:
The tasty-real ingredient -entreé sized (10oz sized)- south of the border inspired Saffron Food Enchiladas Al Chipotle-smoky cheese/fire roasted corn-black bean goodness-loaded into hearty yellow corn tortillas-with flavorful hints of lime, garlic, onions and cumin.  
Heat in the oven (3-4 =shareable 5-6)...and serve up-the flavor and texture of the tortillas even manages to be the 'proper' chewy crisp texture.

Other Saffron Food entreé flavors-include crowd pleasing  Chicken Enchiladas Poblano and Indian favs like Palek Paneer-leafy spinach, spices cheese and basmati rice. (12 in all).

Bonus points: Saffron Foods products are all antibiotic -free-made be a company dedicated to healthy -sustainably sourced ingredients.