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New Year's How to 'Lose' 5-7 Years Guide

Part 3


Gut health...has been trending for the past few years-with the benefits of  good intestinal bacteria-credited with immunity strength, vital digestive functions,  clearer skin and maybe even a cancer slayer.
All anti-aging attributes-making one feel younger as in 'you are what you eat.'

Probiotics live/active micro-organisms- and the prebiotics that feed the probiotics,  are bio-available in real deal eats/drinks-like kombucha tea,  kefir (we written about Lifeway's selections), sauerkraut, miso and the popular Korean seasoning kimchi.

New to us:

Family owned/operated GTS -GTS has other Kombucha plus fresh pressed blends or organic juices, herbs +botanics' variations..including their GT's Synergy Kombucha w/ fruity freshness.WIdely available-coast to coast in food-grocery stores and mass merchant 'drugstore convenience store chains like CVS+ Duane Read .
 Slightly fizzy Kombucha fermented tea, is naturally very low in calories... AND imo - kinda -an acquired taste. GT's LIVING FOODS' flavorful selections take the pungent acidic edge off-in their mix up of black/green teas PLUS cold brewed coffee  in the KOFFEE flavor -a great way to get some buzz too (plus loaded with amino acids, active enzymes+polyphenols)-with well rounded sweetness via kiwi juice, almond+vanilla. Very inventive
Tips: keep refrigerated-good for 3 days after opening-and fyi-Kombucha naturally has a tad bit of alcohol.
Handcrafted in small batches, GT's 100% vegan USDA Organic- NEW Veggie Kefir has billions of probiotics in an easy to drink Cucumber Dill flavor. FYI the dill and garlic really come through taste-wise. We could see how someone - might spike this up with vodka for that Sunday brunch tradition of Bloody Mary's re-invented. ALSO comes in COCO flavor.

Harmless Harvest Harmless Coconut Probiotics manages to make coconut based non-dairy yogurt-with live and active probiotic cultures (12.5 billion CFUs)...drinkably delicious-and note-we're not big coconut water drinkers.
No matter-after a workout-a few swigs of the 'original' flavor  really hit the spot as a combo mineral loaded thirst quencher (that would be appropriate given coconut's rep for naturally loaded electrolytes+potassium) and tad filling-just enough revive us for the minutes of required stretch/roll muscle help.
Harmless Coconut Probiotics Non Dairy Yogurt Drink-is USDA Organic---does have saturated fat, some dietary fiber (4g)...and sugars-in the mix is organic cane sugar (19g per one bottle serving-similar to some dairy equivalents...though unless drinking this after a multi-hour endurance workout -like us-can drink half a serving/day to maintain the daily allowance recommended of sugar.).  
Widely available-online and in brick mortar stores like Whole Foods + Walgreens. Factoid-founded in in San Fran.