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New Year's Goal-'Lose' 5-7 Years

Better Aging...or staying the same if you're where you want to be...

Today's modern lifestyle-in a positive way- have loads of companies ready to serve up products and treatments that 'erase' a few years, superficially, topically, internally...

Part One:

Top Pick:

Non-Invasive, fast treatment that firm-tighten skin, smooth out wrinkles...
BTL Aesthetic' EXILIS ULTRA® is the latest version of a skin tightening device -that is able to noticeably firm up (increased collagen production+skin thickness))-via  two sized different handpieces- body sagging parts (like thighs, tummy, back of arms...larger piece)

....and the neck-jowls-up (smaller piece).

Practically pain free-if not relaxing- with customized heat (power) levels available -it works using a combo of ultrasound energy (like Ultherapy but not as deep or hurtful without a pain killer)...and monopoly radio frequency (same tech as Thermage). Simultaneously.

A series imo-IS really needed to see a visibly more youthful appearance but our experience with four sessions for the neck-eye target areas, two weeks apart...yielded subtle -better difference after session one...on our now smoother neck.
By the third session -the swim goggle damage from an intense triathlon racing season-abated...with upper lids noticeably firmed up. YAY.

Time requirement: 20-30 minutes, depending on what areas are in the game plan-for the lies supine on comfy lounger....with cool grounding pad placed on back or stomach (like ultrasounds for any medical reason). The heated tip of the handpiece-gets swirled on face in small circular motions per area, on top of cooling gel-that aids in transmitting the ultrasound waves.

BIG PLUS:No special prep or post treatment required. We had no redness or need for ice pack either-making it a great option for those going back to work right afterwards. Purportedly-treated areas can improve-over 3 months.

Available across the country-our treatment at Dr, Jarrod Frank's 5th Avenue Dermatology Surgery & Laser Center, ably administered by super friendly trained employee after an initial consultation with Dr. Frank---was enjoyable...we found the 'experience' massaging, in a way.

FYI: And unlike some celeb fav (like Madonna) dermatology practises-appointment times are respected, Bravo.

Bottom Line: we felt a few years came off of targeted facial areas...with no downtime. Well worth what it cost us-given the results.

No surprise-fast becoming one of the most popular service at this upper Eastside practice.