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Cold Weather Essentials!!!!


Arctic dips in temps call for a focused list of must haves...

BOIRON's homeopathic flu fighter Oscillococcinum-is fairly ubiquitous in the States now including mass market outlets and reigning retailer-Amazon. Just place sweetish dissolvable  pellets-comes in handy individual sized portions... under the tongue as soon as symptoms first appear-this truly natural way to heal-has been a household go-to -for decades, really, After the first dose (3 recommended, hours apart)-we find we need a nap..then wake up practically all healed. Really.

 Hardcore insulated mittens- Eddie Bauer's hard core W's Powder Search Touchscreen Mittens (on sale now $34.99)-are waterproof, breathable -with tipped thumb that has conductive material for tapping smartphones. Big cold weather plus-outside zip- for hand warmer inserts. 100 grams of ThermaFill™ insulation, tricot lining, adjustable cuffs- keeps cold out, and polyurethane palms are rugged -for grasping handles or poles,

ThermaCELL® makes rechargeable, heat adjustable battery fueled hand warmer $79.99 and pocket warmer pack $59.99 ( and remote controlled foot insoles too).Part of our daily outfits...we keep them in our pockets or slide into an oversized pair of mittens. The foot insoles priced from $134.99-$184.99--are stiff (battery in there) but surprisingly thin-and  therefore work in easy accessed hiking boots-to slide in replacement of the usual insoles. The on/off is a tiny tiny control in the Pro model that we have-which fyi can be slightly trim to fit.
Both last about 5 hours-cranked up high. The latest versions of some ThermaCELLproducts-can be controlled via Bluetooth tech...very handy! 
BERNARDO's shearling trimmed ZAIN rubber Chelsea Boots-on sale now $99-does double time as city chic and mountain stomper foot protectors. Water/weather tough, with treaded grippy urban navy or black. Keepers. ..never go out of style.
Insulated POOCHIEBOOTS™-for that four legged member of the family! ultimate paw protection with multiple styles-in multiple sizes with sized appropriate velcro straps and thin flexible outsoles. $48.