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DADS (and grads) Gadget/Gear Giftsperations

Part 2
Outdoors-on land or sea- essentials...for the guys going outdoor spaces-far flung places...who we depend on to have have survival skills...


Survival Medical Kits:

Survival Medical  products include handy sealed survival preparedness,  outdoors and marine kits contain life saving-first aid essentials  in convenient lightweight packs...that even float!
Tuffcountry Extreme and above-Offshore Tool Kit pictured above-but other activity focused -or (bad) situation (think over-up Pandemic) packs and serious buckets full of be prepared for anything items. Available at stores like Cabela's priced around $9.99 up to complete buckets $595

COBRA JUMPAKS+POWER PACKS-give one of these UL certified waterproof jump starters for the family vehicle-state of the art JumPack XL H2O (available soon $169.95) 2 ways to jumpstart-one using traditional jumper cables and a secondary option allows car to start via 12 volt port inside the car! PLUS emergency flashlight (strobe+ SOS flash), a compact UL 2347 certified portable power pack w/ 12,000mAh battery w/ dual each 3 amp USB outputs to rapidly charge  two 5 VOLT portable devices simultaneously.Easy to read LED status light too.  Charges up via  12V DC charger or a 120V AC wall charger. 

GO PURE pod-Imported from Ireland-breakthrough portable IS a water purifier game the bottom of this glass container..or just drop into a portable water bottle-and is idiot proof and long lasting-removes 99% lead, +arsenic, 97% chlorine and fluoride, toxic metals, VOCs etc. Inside the pod is a food grade, highly pours PuriBloc ceramic that continuously attracts and absorbs impurities, balances pH -and even releases trace minerals....for fresh sips.BONUS POINTS-member of 1% NSF certified. FAQ-effective up to 6 months-264 gallons of water-in a vessel holding up to 3 liters is best...$24.95

Go Pure pod for pet water bowls too...leave there- keeps water pure for months-just top off as needed. Handy.

OTTER BOX...accessorizes smartphones -expands its protective mission with this very cool dry box -for personal electronics/gear-like fish hooks- that are 'mission critical.'With stainless steel hinge and latch pins for the long haul, the DRYBOX 3250 Series-pictured above-is stackable, waterproof, and very secure. Meets IP68 requirements-protects the inside stuff- down to 90 ft of water for 30 minutes.