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Lazy Summer Beauty Tips

Plowing on the of course, a must...but other beauty routines for hot temps-lean towards the fast easy kind...

nope-not eye surgery ...but eye lash extensions-  -ditch the mascara - for luscious fluttery lashes without effort-guaranteed-at least for a month. Seen here at the IBS tradeshow-Javits Center
Get a GOOD haircut! Buzz cuts are clearly simplest but shoring tresses to fit one's face, shaped well so that only a dollop of anti-frizz or volume adding product is needed when air drying---factoring hair texture...saves minutes (hours) a week.

Pump up the volume-rainbow worthy hair colors are still trend on-Manic Panic has been selling "alternative hair dyes" including semi-permanent shades in bold colors for at home use---, for years. Insta-fun summer look.
Skip the trip to the spa-use at home-  cult fav face masks from Farmacy Beauty-uses botanicals and herbs-for a 'natural' based choices. Our pick-the hydration coconut collection-as its main ingredient -for a few 3 step kits ($24) targeting different conditions...perfect way to quench skin after a day spent outside.

Apply Vitamin C Serum an anti-aging super power for all kinds of skin...especially now that sun exposure and workhorse retinoids-might be too irritating. CAILYN's V 11 Total Care serum brightens+moisturizes with anti-oxidants,  peptides-and 11% Vitamin C which manages to be stable (Fullerene)-even though the bottle formula is packaged in-is clear. Apply first thing after cleansed skin-absorbs quickly -preparing skin for sunscreen/makeup.

Simplify skin routines with products by small niche brands that get rid of those toxic ingredients of many mass marketed options. Balm Skincare Collection Use about quarter size Raw Honey Cleanser (with organic honey and organic aloe vera-both naturally anti-bacterial+anti-oxidant loaded w/ glycol acid)  with a pinch of Buffing Grains (ground almonds, organic oats, kaolin clay, organic lavender+roses)-cleanse face and rinse=apply Toning Water on cotton ball (with apple cider vinegar, organic witch hazel, organic roses+sage, healer calendula, lemon balm and comfrey), then Face Cream if needed made of organic oils and organic cocoa butter-under three minute, easy multi-step routine, 2x a day.  

Another small-fav skincare line-AnnaMarie Gianni - ditches the toxic ingredients-using natural organic ingredients that aren't just nice smelling...but get the job done. Sample kits-$10 3 step routine-that make good travel bag items- target mature, normal, or oily skin-with appropriate cleansers, facial oils and masks.

Brazil exports a lot of worthy things-and its largest direct sales skincare brand NATURA Brasil (owner of Australia's AESOP) just opened its first brick and mortar USA boutique-240 Elizabeth Street-NYC -there's one in Paris too-that is simply transporting...with beautiful back garden outdoor space, lots of natural wood and greenery -and a big cement stone sink-aligned with loads of samples to try ...(and rinse). Shelves are stocked with their skincare collection made of sustainably sourced ingredients from the biodiversity of the Amazon-and bonus points here-packaged in post consumer materials like recycled paper/plastic-that are also recyclable.
Aromatic Ekos collection uses moisturizing superstars-murumuru, maracujá, guarana, hydrate champion castauha, soothing copaiba oil-sustainably sourced. 
EKOS collection...using the bath-shower gel is like a mini-vacation

test sink
Pictures taken at the opening night party- to benefit non-profit Love Together Brasil-helps children in need, funds community projects-including bringing clean water to northeast Sertao. Model and swimwear designer Cintia Dicker

Brighten up a smile! The first whitening toothpastes on the market-and still one of the best-REMBRANDT whitens and restores teeth enamel -with power house ingredient peroxide-remove outer stains without weakening teeth.
Sit still, take in the moment...and inhale. Big believers in essential oils- whether to relax or revive-always a bttter look than being stressed out. Sprinkle on pillows, place a  drop on wrists or in a diffuser- even a few drops in spray bottle with purified water-to spritz on after a workout or shower. Plant Therapy purveys pure single-including some organic- and blended oils (Tension Relief, Germ Fighter, and kid safe Germ Destroyer, Nighty Night, Sniffle Stopper). Plant Therapy also sells oils in convenient roll-ons