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DADs (and grads) GIFTSPERATIONS Part 3

Beachgoers, outdoor chefs, guys on the go-some ideas for durable gear/day haulers-for camping/grilling/sipping.


Have a seat...
GCI OUTDOOR Big Surf with SunShade-4 position aluminum beach chair-adjustble shade (UPF 50 fabric)  rotates 270 degrees front-to-back or can collapse completely neat-underneath seat -there's a slide out aluminum table with beverage holder. $70

Shine on-portable power and light...

NITE IZE makes so many handy gear/gadget items-we wonder what smart just sits around and comes up with this stuff..."DISCOVER YOUR SOLUTION" indeed! Pictured-the portable, weather tough lightweight Radiant 300  Rechargeable LED lantern with both red+white (multi-mode switch-low-medium-high)  LED modes, 2 integrated USB ports (micro to charge up lantern-larger USB port- charges other small devices), carabiner style handle, battery indicator, 2600mAh rechargeable battery. $44.99
included in the above Radiant 300-USB cable and dual purpose carry+light diffusing bag.
Get those cords under control...or attache things securely ...we collect all sizes and colors-of these rubber GEARTIE® --- so incredible handy-now come in Mega size too. 

Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet grill $699 is fancy/affordable choice for serious to amateur chefs who want to get their BBQ ON. The wood pellet fired version great anywhere-bakes, grills, braise too-outdoor cooking finest-and is a worthy choice for areas where propane gas tanks are not feasible. (Condo terraces etc...). Digital temperature readouts, easy temp settings, electronic auto ignition, pellet purge system, side shelf-some of features-with cooking temp ranging from 150º-500ºF---25,000BTUs an hour.
Zippo lighters are collectibles-the company also serves up plenty of outdoor gadgets that are Father 's Day equivalents of stocking urged outdoor lanterns, paracord, pouch, easy spark tinder, emergency fire kit. 


As seen on tv...who doesn't  get drawn in to these late night pitches...something a dad cook actually want-RED COPPER non-stick ceramic pans-in assorted shapes/sizes-allows cooking w/o the grease, butter, or oil-makes clean-up a breeze with no scrubbing. SO COOL.

Have a sip way inhibiters of fine whisky...would covet glassware and decanter set- worthy of each the masters of handmade crystal...Waterford. The Marquis by Waterford Markham -traditional Irish style cutting- 11oz double old-fashion  air and square decanter is onside now for $99.95 Loads of other options too...beautifully packaged with engrave option 
BABY Diaper Bags-for the style savvy....
Paperclip-smart invention by dads...the Willow (pictured...and the Bear-double strap-each $239-without special 25% discount special code-available now. 

Front panel opens to easy access panel for baby stuff AND the patent pending changing station is impressive...w/privacy sidewalls-keep baby in place, changing pad anti-microbial+water repellant, detachable and waterproof, removable wet bag, laptop compartment, roller handle pass through
Masters of organized travel...or not- a means to tame (some of) the travel madness for fathers on the go...
EAGE CREEK..durable packable pouch converts into sizable daypack-with a front zip pocket..and lockable zipper on main compartment, mesh shoulder straps. Handy for souvenir hauling home  and good alternative to bigger packs when only going around for a few hours. Made of durable lightweight ripstop fabric,  Eagle Creek also has packable tote choice too. Perfect for the traveling man-or smart to keep extra one in the car. $25.95-$28.95

Eagle Creek's Pack-It™ system includes loads of featherweight sized cubes to keep things ORGANIZED. In several sizes and types like compression all made with handy pull zips-and surprisingly tough fabric-which won't rip---the Pack-It™ Specter series also comes with a handy handle...and all styles come in different colors and in sets...
Pictured Cube Ser-XS/S/M Specter Tech Set

we can only dream about being this organized...!!!!! From $11.16 for Pack-It™ shoe sac on up $47.16 for sets